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AjumaPamaUSA Pre-order ends November 27th

Nov 19, 2008

    1. New items and previous items under Guest Designers and Guest Accessories.
      Designers available: Nine9 Style, TREE Design, Dolls i, and Arijam.

      Available until November 27th at 9 AM EST.

      Also lots of AjumaPama designs available from USA and Korean stock.

    2. Hello,

      I take advantage of post Karin to display the Web of Ajumapama europe.

      With the approval of Ajumapama I am the new spanish dealer of ajumapama and I am in charge of you order coming from Spain and Europe. So that whoever can order in the same conditions that my companions ajumapama korea and USA. Mainly Europe.

      We are beginning! run with pre order!

      Thanks and excuse the annoyances

      The web site:

    3. bump for 5 days left