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AjumaPamaUSA Pre-order for U-Noa sizes ends June 21st

Jun 13, 2008

    1. I'm getting some missing pictures when I hit "zoom" and the link to UD-471 leads to UD-470.
    2. Got the UD-471 fixed, thanks. Looking for missing photos now.
      Thanks for the heads up,
    3. UD 477 goes to UD 476.
      UD 484 goes to UD 483.
      UD 477 brown top is labeled 'yellow plaid halter' but the photos are correct.
      UD 480 Ice cream jacket is labeled 'gray leggings' but the photos are correct.

      Did CheeryDoll reply about what's included with the outfit CD-1402?
    4. Thanks Pic! I must have had a really bad day!!! They are all fixed now.
      No, I didn't hear about #1402. I just sent them another email, will let you know when I hear.

      Thanks again,