New Doll Akabara doll studio's new lady cats

Feb 12, 2017

    1. Hello!
      I want to introduce my latest dolls available through Akabara site now ))
      There are new yellow line dolls, I call them Lady Cats.




      Cats have jointed ears and jointed tail on magnet.
      Cats are available in white, ecru, ginger, light grey, black and chocolate skin tones.
      Legs - human, cat or both are optional.
      Foldable wings are optional.

      Lady Cat measurements

      Height - 23,5 cm (ears included)
      Circumference of chest - 9,3 cm
      Circumference of waist - 6,3 cm
      Circumference of hips - 10.5 cm

      Thank you!
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    2. Are these limited edition or permanent ?
    3. asunai The cats are not limited :kitty2 The only limited item for them is wings. Wings are temporarily unvailable and will return in mid April.
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