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AkagiDoll 47cm Discussion

Jul 8, 2016

    1. Hello Everyone!

      I spent 2 months looking for a discussion regarding the Akagi Doll 47cm.
      It feels wrong to stay in the SD discussion thread. I hope this thread helps some current owners or the mini or those who are still planning to purchase!

      Doa LInk: Akagi Doll - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
      Acbjd LInk:Akagi Doll (Event) : Alice's Collections

      Eyes : 14mm
      * Height (when with head): 47cm
      * Head Circumference : 18.50 cm
      * Neck Circumference : 7.70 cm
      * width of shoulder : 9.7cm
      * Chest Circumference : 19 cm
      * Circumference of waist: 14.2 cm
      * Circumference of Hips: 19cm
      * Arm Circumference : 6.7 cm
      * Length of Shoulder to Wrist: 14 cm
      * Belly-Button to Ankle: 28 cm
      * Crotch to Ankle: 21.5 cm
      * Thigh Circumference : 11.5 cm
      * Calf Circumference : 8 cm
      * Feet Length : 5.9 cm
      * Feet Width : 2.4 cm

      To start ~
      Here's my doll and the box opening: Elie Ai: Hello Haru!
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    2. You gave him the exact same look I was planning for mine :o may I ask where did you get those wig and eyes?

      I'm looking at the Akagi boys for months already, the first that cought my eye was Janz. Then I decided to start with a practice head and wanted to get a Lan... then I realized his face could be a character I have in mind.
      The problem there was, he'll need to be with another doll of mine who's a mini and they don't sell Lan as a mini. So I looked through the other dolls and found Hugues who looks even more perfect.
      So long story short I updated my wishlist ad I'll be getting a mini Hugues! :)
    3. Hello Ninive!

      Ohhhh? What a coincidence! HAHAHA. Although I have a thing for changing hair and eye color often.

      Unfortunately I have no idea what brand the eyes and wigs are as it was bought locally :(. Yes! not all the SDs have Mini version!
      Hugues is certainly a very unique sculpt. I really love this size, if I will be getting another boy.. I might get Ban <3
    4. I'm actually looking for platinum blonde hair, but it's hard to find the right cut AND the right color XD if I find the right cut any shade of yellow will do
      Fur wigs always look short on store pics, maybe cause they're modeled by SD dolls idk. Can you post a picture with him wearing 12mm eyes?

      They don't even sell Lan as a full big doll, at least not on Alice's Collections.

      I think i was already unconsciously looking for him because another doll I noticed recently was AOD's Cariata, Hugues and Cariata have similar faces. But I actually need a different nose for him and with Cariata's small one I'd need to add apoxie, while Hugues' nose is so big I should be able to mod it and build a nice curve just by sanding.

      Do you also have other minis or tinies? I'd love to see a size comparison.
    5. I'm kinda planning to buy all my furwigs from acbjd. The selection seems really big and the hair looks long :).

      I am really hoping that they still release new sculpts since I am a big fan~

      Unfortunately this baby boy is my first doll~I'll update this post once I try the new 12mm eyes that I bought and if my friend has some photos of him and her tinies :3
    6. So my other post on this was deleted because the pictures wouldnt show up. I thought i deleted the link from the post but i guess not so i apologize to the moderators on here, i honestly thought i unlinked it. But first of all Merry Christmas to all my fellow Dolly mommies and Daddies! And my Kaija is almost three months old already....I can't believe it. I never thought i would ever own a Bjd then he came into my life and now he's been here for almost three months....It makes me sad because it feels like just yesterday i was told the package would be arriving and now he's old and growing up! <3 I love my Kaija!
    7. Hi, i'm interested in getting an akagidoll 47cm boy this year, but i can't seem to find many owner pictures or much info really, could anyone post any pictures of their boys?
    8. I just got mine in the mail today and I can't get his head cap off! HELP!
      Is there a trick? I'm so afraid of hurting him
    9. @KaraJade were you able to get it off? Sorry i cant be much help since I don't have one yet but I hope everything was fine
    10. I'm sorry. Life got busy (father with health problems). And yes. I got it off. He just has a waaay stronger magnet than my RSDoll! Thank you!
    11. That's great news. At least you didn't damage it while taking it off.

      I actually just ordered an Akagi Doll Ling through a Taobao Shop and just waiting for him. I was concerned about his size but I think things will be OK. I think he will be the last BJD I order but who knows. There are a few companies I want dolls from but I don't want dolls dominating my craft room.
    12. You won't regret it. My boy is wonderful! Poses wonderfully. And he's similar in size to my JID girl (taller which is appropriate). But he is thin. He does fit standard MSD clothing (rather than slim/MNF clothes).
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    13. That's good to know! I started buying clothes for him already but I will keep in mind to stay away from Slim MSD but I think so far I've just ordered regular MSD. I was concerned about pants but I did order a pair from Esty and they will lengthen them to fit. I'm excited for him to come home so I can make more items for him.
    14. Stretchy Jeans or pants would be good to have. He can sit cross legged or on his knees very easily. So stretch would be good to preserve this ability.
      And I made the canon 707 outfit from Mystic Messenger for my Yair. He really was easy to sew for. (Still need to paint his glasses --and his face LOL)
    15. Wow! That's a really good idea! I never thought of basing a doll after a character. I love 707 in that game. I need to finish the first route I'm still on so I can do his. He really made an impression on me. One of my faves next to Zen. If that's him in your icon, he's cute from the side. Love the red hair!

      I'll keep an eye out for some stretch pants. I think I ordered some stretchy ones form Tata's Paradise so I'll see how they work when I get them.
    16. Oh nice. If they don't work, get some baby jeans from a thrift store. That material is wonderfully stretchy. It's what I used to make Sae's pants.

      And yeah. That's him in my profile pic. I don't have him uploaded anywhere to link photos. I wish we could just upload them to the thread directly.
    17. I take a gander around thrift stores in my area. My grandmother is a thrifing queen so I can drag her along for a look. I would love to see an up close picture of him. His arms are really long. How is the detail for his body in general? I saw the chest part and it was really detailed. Pictures help but sometimes its better to know from someone who actually has one.
    18. @fairylin I wish I could post pics directly. I couldn't even upload his photo for my profile. But he defined but skinny. His arms are long but have some nice shape/definition to them--very nice for his character actually. I'll DM you.
    19. Hi guuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyysssssssssss~ xD
      Brief history of what led me here: 5 years ago I got my first ever doll, a DollLove Arefa in yellow and this year I decided to reshell him into the same sculpt in NS because I hated the yellow skin BUT I hadn't been able to order him yet and he went up in price and I was just looking through what companies had events right now with Alice's Collections and I saw how much god damn cheaper Akagi Doll are! And so tall and pretty and a CARRY BAG?! Anyway... it feels very weird to make this decision. I still have a dolllove Arefa, I dyed him tan, but I was so set on keeping the character as an Arefa... but Janz is like a more realistic, mature version anyway and I think he'd look great... and so cheappp!
      [​IMG]Kaylyn? &gt; ~ &lt; by Izzy, on Flickr
    20. To be honest, I waffled between Yair, Ling Long and Janz. I love his face so much. I wanted to have something mature and at least all of Akagi Dolls look like mature boys. I can't wait to see your doll when he arrives.