AKAGIDOLL - 72 cm and 66 cm dolls

May 31, 2013

    1. Since there is no discussion tread for Akagidoll's wonderful dolls, I thought I'd just start one.

      Akagidoll on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKAGIDOLL
      Akagidoll official site: coming soon

      Height: 70cm
      Shoulder width: 16cm
      Chest size: 34cm
      Waist size: 23cm
      Hip size: 30.5cm
      Arm length: 22.5cm(hands not included)
      Feet length: 9cm
      Feet width: 3.4cm
      Eyes: 16cm
      Head: 22.5cm

      Sorry, I haven't found any information on the 66 cm size yet...

      Material: Environmental Resin
      Resin colour: normal and white skin
    2. What do you think of Akagidoll's releases? I fell in love with their first huge boy, Tanta! I love his smirk and nose so much :aheartbea
    3. I've seen these big boys on ebay and I was REALLY tempted on buying one (still thinking sincerely), because they're big (just what I'm looking for) and pretty cheap *O*
    4. I bought a Tanta head last week from Jeeryama. I can't wait to get him. I fell in love with the sculpt when I first saw it. He's so handsome! ^-^ I plan on pairing his head with Loongsoul's 73m body.
    5. Yes, the price at the moment is very tempting! And they also offer layaway, which is perfect for me at the moment :) I really think of buying him, maybe just the head for start or even the full doll, because his body is also very beautiful.
    6. Yes, the body is awesome! I was thinking of getting one for my Qiong Lou's doll, it's cheap and well built in my opinion, but I'll wait to get feedback on the resin color and quality :)
    7. I'm happy to see a thread for these guys! I ordered one from Jeeryama a couple of months ago and I should be getting a shipping any day. I got a Tanta, but I have no idea if he's coming with a face up or not (hopefully not). I already got his clothes from Alice Collections (ordered one of those military uniforms *drool*), eyes, and wig... Lol even though my herd is up in the 20's I'm still excited to get this guy!
    8. I wish she'd hurry and post pics of the 66cm body. JiangLi is really tempting.
    9. I fell in love with these dolls at first sight! Wonderfully sculpted! I want one sooo badly!
    10. thesunalsorises: congrats on your head order! I hope he will arrive soon! I'm already very curious on the resin match, did you choose normal or white?

      : congrats on your order! Please share pictures of your boy, many pictures!! :D I can't wait to see owner pics of Tanta. He will surely look great in uniforms, I also have some in mind for my character.
    11. Sadomina: can I just say the body looks stunning? I think I'm gonna get this one for my floating head, this is just so gorgeous... It's very well built but not exagerated <3
      Holy gosh, even the box and the blanket are amazing :D
    12. I have contacted Jeeryama now... I really want Tanta so much, also with this stunning outfit he wears on some pictures (the black one with feathers and eyepatch), but also uniforms from Heisejinyao. This is quite a bad timing for me to fall in love. All the Summer Events at the moment. I hope Jeeryama is ok with my layaway plans, if not I'd just get Tanta's head first.
    13. Sadomina: so you really fell in love with him xP
      At the moment I can't buy anything 'cause I'm planning a trip to London, but as soon as I get home I'll plan on what to buy next xP
    14. Yes, all those outfits are great, I love the feather/eyepatch set! It was the first time I ever even wanted to order a full set, but of course they don't offer that... luckily, the uniforms at least are the ones AC carries. I did go with the black and white instead of black and red, but I love uniforms... the quality is great in person, I'll probably order more lol.

      I messaged jeeryama yesterday to see how much longer for my doll; Christina had said around the 18th but it's been a couple of weeks. I think I might do a box opening just because there are so few of these guys around.
    15. @ Sadomina I choose normal resin, which I'm hoping will match with one of Loognsoul's normal resins.
    16. I emailed Jeeryama to see if she had more information about the 66cm guys. Hoping she'll have nude photos.
    17. I'm excited, I should get my doll tomorrow! I would've gotten him today but I was out as I didn't expect him to attempt to be delivered... Oh well. ><; I also have a huge lot of comic books that should be coming tomorrow too. Interesting days ahead...
    18. Amg! Please post pics if you get them!!
    19. No luck. According to Christina, the owner of Akagi Doll is planning to release the photos next month. :(

      I'm debating on whether I want to take my chances, order one, and hope the body is like a smaller version of the 72cm body.