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Akari is AMAZING

Apr 14, 2006

    1. ^__^ She's amazingly quick to respond to PMs. I sent my payment in many chunks because paypal was being a pain in the arse and she was completely patient through the whole thing. Super SUPER friendly and sent my doll so quickly it made my head spin.

      He GORGEOUS by the way, and man was he wrapped, and bubble-wrapped, and air bagged to death. It was great. lol So anyways, if Akari is selling something or putting together a group order,

      SHE'S AMAZING :abow: :D :aheartbea

    2. I second that! =3 :sumomo:
    3. I love you guys. T_T
    4. I just want you to know I just recieved my Luts Delf girl body from Akari, I love it!!! She is a real pleasure to work with I highly recomend buying anything from her...fast delivery also......

    5. Got my package today, beautifully packed, carefully wrapped, all fingers pristine and perfect!!

      Such a doll of a seller, I don't know where to start!

      Thanks again, hun! :D :D :D
    6. I've sold to Akari long before everyone had separate threads and just wanted to say what a wonderful and trustworthy person she is. We did a small order together and Akari was part of my Leeke Group order. I would not hesitate to buy or sell from her. :cake:
    7. Akari's been very sweet and held some items for me even though I was regrettably over due on payment by a couple days! I would buy from her anytime! Items came very fast too!
    8. I sold my ShinCho head to Akari and it was a perfect transaction! She paid quick and was superkind. Perfect to deal with! I hope you enjoy your new boy! :D
    9. I bought a pair of masterpiece eyes from Akari... The transaction was perfect, the eyes came very quickly... Awesome seller, pleasure to work with... I'd buy from her again anyday!!! :D
    10. I bought a pair of eyes from Akari. It was a wonderful transaction and they arrived very quickly, and so carefully packaged!^^ I would not hesitate to do business with her again and would certainly recommend her to anyone!
    11. I bought some eyes from Akari and if they'd arrived any faster I'd know she shipped them by ROCKETSHIP. Easiest transaction ever. *blows kisses*
    12. Bought a Luts wig from akara, it arrived quick and looks great on my TTori..thanks so much!!
    13. Akari is made of win and awesome. She has done customization work on several of my dolls, and it is *_*, and she is the best group order manager evar.
    14. I got a very beautiful Reve en Poupee R01 Lavender Wig from Akari:celebrate

      She is a pleasure to deal with :abow: & would do so again in a heartbeat :aheartbea :lol:
    15. She is wonderful to deal with! Great communication! Fast shipping!
      I'd love to deal with Akari again! <333
    16. I bought a wig from AKARI and it was shipped quickly, safely, and was way better than described! Super happy shopper here!
    17. I bought a doll from akari and he's in perfect conditions... and with a lot of extras!

      also, she was so kind to wait for me to have money and she let made me a layaway payment ^_^
    18. I definitely recommend Akari as a seller. I bought some eyes from her and the packaging was super secure, and they were prettier in person. She is prompt with answering PMs, and that is a big plus for a seller. Thanks again!
    19. Akari bought some pants from me and the whole transaction was smooth~ Thank you for being patient! ^__^
    20. I bought some 16mm EA Purple Fantasy eyes from Akari. She was a great communicator and they came in a snap. thank you! I will definately purchase from her again. :D