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Akasarushi Fall Collection for MSD SIZE Releases

Oct 7, 2008

    1. Hi everyone,

      Akasarushi is my own little brand that I establish and currently working on.
      It's basically range variety of creations i designed, from Clothes, Wigs, Accesories, and so on... ^_^

      MAIN focus of this brand/company is Clothes.
      Currently I'm accepting orders for the Fall Collection available for order only From September 1st- November 30th.

      These are the outfits.
      **The girl version can fit both MNF & MSD size. ^_^
      Fall 2008 - Girl A

      Fall 2008 - Boy A

      Fall 2008 - Girl B

      Fall 2008 - Boy B

      Please visit my site Fall Collection for more info and pictures. ^_^

      To Order or question or concerns, Please simply PM or e-mail me.

      **NOTE that the date might be different on the main site due to change of offer end dates. I've shorten it for future plan of Winter Collection