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Alchemic Labo Unoa 2.0 Discussion part 1

Dec 28, 2006

    1. So I've done lots of searching and am still coming up empty, so if this has been posted elsewhere, please point me in the right direction. I've recently become the caretaker-to-be of a Unoa Mocha, but I can't for the life of me figure out any information about them.

      I realize there's no *specific* clothes for them yet, but what does fit them, at least decently? Are there any shoes available? What size WIG do they wear? I believe they're slightly smaller than the regular Unoa's right?

      Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!

      .....Mod Note....

      Alchemic Labo Unoa 2.0 Discussion part 1:
    2. Ok, here is the info I've got so far. They wear a 5/6" wig....the Monique Gold Collection wigs in that size fit them PERFECT. I buy mine at http://www.jpopdolls.net. I have a few pairs of boots made by Kingstate for the 18" Kitty Collier doll and they fit them wonderfully. The high heels do fit, but there is a little gap and you can see the tops of their toes. You wouldn't notice with socks/nylons though. I bought those on ebay.

      About eyes, I have 8mm flatback glass eyes in my girl, because I sanded off the dumb eye mechanism thingy. If you got the Dollybird version, you won't have to worry about doing that because it has one without it. Anyway, I hope this was helpful and good luck on getting your Mocha! :aheartbea

      Lindsay :daisy
    3. can i but in and ask another question about unoa 2.0?
      i asked this on the unoa forum, but didn't get many answers.

      I got my mocha for christmas, and it seems her left shoe is too tight. the right shoe goes on fine and stays put by clicking onto a little nub on the back of her ankle. the left shoe is just a tad bit too small and her foot won't go in it enough to "snap" onto the little nub on her ankle.

      if you have a 2.0, does she have this problem with her shoes? or is mine just slightly defective. how did you fix this problem?

      if mine is the only one with this issue, i think i'll just try a little sanding.
    4. umm I think it's the left, I had the problem the first time I tried putting it on, but it was weird, I tried right after again and it fit on.. it's good though I put the shoes on to see how they fit before thiking the little nub was some flaw that needed to be scrapped off.. anywho, if you sand too much you may get lighter marks, I'm tattooing my girl anyways.. hope I have time soon to do it.
    5. Here are the measurements I took from Unoa 2nd:

      Height: 43cm
      Head: 14cm
      Bust: 17.5 to 18cm
      Waist: 11cm
      Hips: 17 to 17.5cm
      Neck: 6cm

      I'm not sure how exact they are, but they've worked well so far. ;) I hope this helps.

      Lindsay :daisy
    6. Okies, I know that Unoa 2nd comes with shoes, but what other shoes can she wear? I heard that Kitty Collier shoes fit--are there any other shoes she can wear?

      Also, will Minifee clothes fit her? What about Ajumapama, volks SDC, ect?

      Just trying to figure out what stuff she can wear when she gets here! ;) :D
    7. there's another thread here where I got *some* information.

      Does anyone know if Tyler heeled shoes / boots with fit? I've found a number of ADORABLE boots for 15" Tyler dolls, and was wondering if they'd work.
    8. HI! Congrats Anya's MOm for getting a Unoa 2nd!! I am glad to see more doa members getting these gals. I love em'

      Just to help you out... Unoa 2nds unfortunately cannot fit tyler shoes!! but they can fit 18" Kitty shoes really well!! also, shoes for 22" Models, but there are some that might be big. I found that Joetai's boots for the 22" models fit really nicely:)

      but do not get gene, tyler, sybarites, or ced shoes or boots!!(too small and tight)

      The best ones so far are 18" kitty collier:) hope this helps you:) hugs, gg
    9. I was looking at the Joetai Boots on ebay, and they all say for "Tyler". So those are all too small? Just making sure... they're all so cute too :...(

      edit nvm i found the right sized ones. likewise as cute!
    10. ggsdolls~ Thank you! I'm glad to have gotten her. I adore my new little chicca! ;)
      So the Tyler ones don't fit, huh? Oh well, Kitty Collier and American Model have pretty cute shoes, so, I know what to look for now. Thanks so much!
    11. you should be really careful with that!:o
      I just saw a mocha 2.0 on yahoo.jp.au that fell from the owner and got some marks...he/she then tried to sand the doll so the marks would get even and ended up with a doll who has two complexions!*_*
    12. I don't yet have a unoa 2.0 but I wanna make her a wig...:sweat
      can somebody give me exact measurements for their head for a wig?
      I need them the way *starcrossed* is asking them in her custom thread:
      and how much is from the top of their head to their bottoms...

      thank you in advance!
    13. Just before they said 5/6 inches or 14cm for the head.

      I was searching for theses informations, i just won a Moka on Yahoo.

      So she fits Kitty Collier 18" shoes?

      I must askes to my mother is has spme shoes in double.

      Can she fit Gene Marshall's Cothes?
    14. Here are detailed measurements of various fashion dolls:

      Here are simple measurements of a variety of commercial dolls:

      The measurements are in inches. (1 inch = 2.54 cm). You could compare Unoa2's measurements to various dolls.

      There are usually Unoa 2.0 kits and dolls for resale on Yahoo!Japan. If you go to the first post of the Unoa Discussion thread, there is a link there to my How to Buy a Unoa. Inside that is a paragraph about getting one at auction (the price range I mention is for Unoa 1.5 - Unoa 2.0 should be less than that). In my post there is a link to a thread about the various Japanese auction buying services. Read that and compare the fees at the various services to help decide which one you want to use.

    15. :bump I also want to know if the Unoa 2.0 fits Gene clothes.
    16. If the measurements floating around are correct...

      Unoa 2.0: 18-11-17.5 cm torso

      Gene: 17.8-9.5-17.1 cm torso

      So Gene clothes that are anywhere near tight around the waist area probably will not work on Unoa 2.0. Clothes that are loose in the waist would probably work.

      Re the head - I have seen 5.2 inches as her head size - if correct that is 13.2 cm.

    17. hi! I want to know if ellowyne shoes will fit the unoa second feet? because it's larger than tyler... so maybe!
    18. Gene's clothes are too tight, but the Tyler fashions work, and the Franklin Mint fashions
      I found this thread looking for shoes....off to hunt down some....
      glad to know CED and Kitty Collier will work!
    19. My Unoa Mocha 2 in a Tyler cammy and sun glasses and a Gene shear robe;)[​IMG]