Alchemic Labo Unoa Discussion Part 8

Jan 28, 2019

    1. Ah, good to know they are just busy then:)
    2. I am so happy they are offering tan skin now. It is beautiful!!! Unoa is my favourite bjd, for sure.
      They are available to order now on Unoalchemy - Unoa distributor
    3. Still, so many years past away... I like this dolls, but have only small and plastic one Unoa Quluts Light.
    4. Hey all! I'm getting back into doll collecting and I just bought an L-bi! I'm so excited! He's been a grail doll for me for years. :)
    5. Looks like AL is considering new parts for the elder sister line. I’ve considered Belia in the past, but the new face they posted on IG looks closer to Cream/Mocha—my favorite Araki girl sculpt. If this means a doll akin to U-Noa 2nd that’s more proportional to the elder sister line is a potential release, well...:eusa_pray

      Pics can be found here.
    6. Thanks! It's good to be back! And glad to see the forums are still relatively active!

      And @Fira-kun those legs though! The new body looks great! Is the head size what they're scaling to, or just that sculpt?
    7. I really like the new legs ! I had an Elder in the past and I really liked how delicate she was, but the new additions make her even prettier ! Not too fond of the new faces for now however.

      My latest unoa pic for good measure. Please share more pics everyone !
      #probjdartists 2019
      by Marie -Myra- Bdr., sur Flickr
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    8. @Myra Judging from their recent posts, it’s an entirely new faceplate, along with legs and hands retrofitted for the elder body. I’m also waiting for some clearer pictures of the face, but from a distance it looks like a softer appearance, like the new 1/6 faces. Nothing’s guaranteed either, but AL felt it worthwhile to post pics, so...

      That being said, anyone ever try putting a Cream/Mocha faceplate on an elder sister headback? I doubt it fits, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they tried it either. The last comparison photo makes them look closer than I thought, but I’ve never seen them in person.
    9. Ahhh, update, I just got my L-Bi in. He's blank, yellowed, dirty, and a little stiff. I love him to effin' pieces!!! Pictures to come in the future when I get him dressed and face-uped.

      Side note: does anyone know where to buy a teeth part?
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    10. Hello! I'm new to the thread and have a chibi unoa :D

      I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of when orders will be open again? I wanting to order a chibi with all the parts!