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Alchemic Labo - Unoa Lite at December Dolpa

Nov 26, 2004

    1. I'm not sure if this has been reported anywhere, or if it is appropriate (since they aren't technically BJD *_* ) , if so, mods feel free to delete. ^^;

      http://www.alchemiclabo.com/ -- in diary section

      If I'm reading correctly, at the Dolpa on Dec. 5, Unoa Lite (aka Unora, the 1/6 doll) will be shown, and kits of the boy type, Azurite, will be on sale. I believe it also says that he will be opening reservations for him around the end of the year or beginning of 2005.

      There's some extra info about the girl type, Fluorite, and something about waiting for Unoa Option parts, but I don't want to pass on incorrect information due to my lack of translation skills. Maybe someone else can help me out here~ :oops:

      I just remember some discussion about these dolls a few months ago, and thought to pass the information on~ ^^
    2. AWESOME! I think i might get the boy light kit if he opens up reservations in 2005!!! I wonder how much they are..?
    3. Oh wow! Thanks for passing on this information! :D We may have two new Unoa? *can't wait* :D
    4. I spotted this earlier today too when i was looking to see if there were any updates on the normal Unoa. For those that don't know, Unoa lite are about barbie size so they aren't really compatible with regular Unoa. That photo of the pile of heads is a giggle, though I really do wish he was putting that time into molding my Lusis!

    5. Ach, dang! *snaps her fingers and laughs* I just knew I was probably reading that post wrong. Still, a girl can dream.... :wink: And those lite kits do look really cute. Hope some more information comes out soon.
    6. Hmm... I wonder how much the Azurite kits will be... *bites lip*
    7. Heads.... HEEEAAADS!

      There's been an Azurite massacre!
    8. The photos of that nekkid cloth dolly just make me sit here and laugh and laugh and laugh. If anything I want one of HIM. He is so funny!

      Can somebody please explain to this Unoa Dummy Newbie over here what I'm looking at? Is the doll in the halloween duds the 1/6 barbie sized doll...? or is that a regular Unoa? I'm really confused. I can't afford a unoa but depending on the price of these 1/6, I might want one; I have clothes GALORE here for her if she's basically barbie sized... somebody help! Will the 1/6 doll come with molded elf ears or can they be removed?
    9. The doll in the Halloween outfit is a regular Unoa with the optional wink face (not a regularly available face *pout*). I believe one of the older diary entries said the cat ears were removable like they are for Unoa, but that was for the prototypes and who knows what the final kits will be like for sure.

      Me too! I want a Seishi-kun plush (with the lab coat of course). :D
    10. "Genocide" Seishi-kun?

      Ohhh my.
    11. I really have no idea if it's that Seishi or not.
      Seishi-kun is the name of the pale plush boy in Alchemic Laboratory's diary that runs around in just a lab coat and sometime wears kitty ears.
    12. According to the diary post:

      He'll be selling Completed Painted Unola Azurite (Unoa Light, the 1/6 figure) and Unoa Option Parts at Dolpa.

      He's still in the middle of making Unola, so he can't say much about how many there'll be or how much they'll cost. He estimates that it'll be "at least 39___ (that's not 3900 yen)", so from that I'm guessing he'll be charging a minimum of 39000 yen for them.

      He assures people that an unassembled kit will be out later, for a little less... "about 17___", so I'd guess he'll be aiming for around 17000 yen.

      Over the past few entries, he keeps saying that he cannot recommend Unoa Light to traditional "dolly people", because it's more attuned to the preferences and interests of figure-kit and garage-kit fans.

      He also mentions that Unoa's price (not a typo) was affected by the frustrations he experienced as he attempted to put in as many interesting gimmicks as possible, while also minimizing parts and simplifying construction. Unola (not a typo) has ignored the "minimizing parts and lowering costs" aspect, so it's a whole new dolly paradigm.

      He also asks that people not contact the website (Alchemic Labo) about UnoLa, since that's a separate project from the regular Unoa line.

      As for Fluorite (the girl UnoLa), the projected release date is Wonder Festival in February 2005.

      Hope this helps!
    13. Thank you so much Twotone ! it's really helpfull ! :grin:
      I wish I could understand japanese !!! :oops:
      Cheers !
    14. Ah, so why do they cost so much? :oops: That's $165 for just an unasembled doll? Are they going to be jointed like Dollfies, or will they be strung? Like, are they just small Unoas, identical to the regular Unoas in every aspect? Or are they Dollfies that look like Unoas?

      They're really cute, and I've never really like the Unoas (their bodies just seem too simple to me) but Dollfie size they're really cute. Just wish they didn't cost almost as much as my DD...
    15. Yes, they're jointed like the 1/6 Dollfies. I'm not sure if they're strung but I don't think they are, I think their like Volks Dollfies. The Unora are not identical to Unoas, but IMO there's a strong family resemblence.

      Here are a couple links I got from Minor Miracles that show the Unora better.
      WARNING, there is some doll Nudity here, so be careful.

      Watch out for the "Maid" toward the bottom left of this page, she's kind of showing off her 'assets'. :oops:
      http://lindacheung.info/tokyodp11_010804/unossunoa.htm (DP11)
      There are some good pictures of naked Unora just below her picture though.

      http://www1.ttcn.ne.jp/~DollsDrugKingdom/topics/ds12/6.html (Doll Show 12)
    16. ok. DEFINATELY Want the boy as a kit! :D

      I wonder if masamichi will have preorders? $170 isnt that bad if its resin, but probably with masamichi itll be around $250 or something XD
    17. :o

      Can you hear the sound of my head exploding?? I still need Lusis, but damn, these are great!
    18. I'm kind of confused....How big is this boy Unoa?
    19. Wow. I really like him!
      Thanks Boudicca for posting the auction! :chibi
      But now I notice how long spindly his legs are. eep. Despite that I would love to have him, even if I'm a "traditional dolly-person".

      If anyone gets info on ordering him here the US, please post?
      I'm excited to see more of him.