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Alchemic Labo Update 2

Sep 7, 2004

    1. Looks like the pre-order might start soon. Finally. *_*

      On the front page of the site http://www.alchemiclabo.com/, to the right of the picture is some new text in 3 shades of red.

      9/11 @ 1 P.M. ~ 9/15 @ 1 P.M. is painted
      9/13 ~ 9/30 is site application (I assume this means the kits)

      Now, my translation might be bad, so please forgive me for any errors.

      Has anyone heard from Masamichi? Or figured out how to get money to a Japanese Postal Account from the U.S.? I want to order. :cry:
    2. Actually, the first time slot from 9/11 - 9/15 is when they are taking reservations for the kits and the second time slot 9/13 -9/20 is when you have to pay for them.
      There never was a mention of the painted dolls ever being offered in this third round. That's one of the reasons that the painted dolls on YJ have suddenly jumpped in price.
    3. Oops, okay. I want a kit anyway. . . . but HOW do I order?! T_T

      Back to plotting and planning I guess. Thanks for the info Noriko. :grin:
    4. I don't know how to order... I am all scared about that... I hope there is a normal order form that you can just fill out and I hope they will allow to order one of each of the two. My Japanese is limited and it's always scary to have to read detailed instructions with my linited vocabulary. I just hope that my cousin will be in town this coming weekend and will be able to help just in case... He is a tour nature guide and ham radio specialist has a tendency to take off to some mountain some where on a moment's notice... In the winter it's worse, cause he's an extreme snowboarder and I never know if he will come back alive...

      BTW, regarding postal transfers, you can put whatever name you want on the transfer paper when pay. So the person who's address you have Alchemic send your dolls to can just go pay for you at any post office. You just need to EMS him the money right away, so that it will arrive on time for them to pay before 9/20. Also, from what I've read in their past order rules,, they will email you a confirmation number, which must also be included on the transfer paper with your name, or they will cancel your order.
    5. I waited and waited and gave up ...ordered a Sia and boom- preorder opens! Well I will be ordering but how? No word from Crescent yet...
      Impatient and paying for it...lol

    6. I know the ordering period is limited, but are the kits limited? I mean, is it possible for them to sell out? Or can I reserve on the 15th and be certain of getting one?
    7. He makes the kits according to the number of orders he gets. So yes, you should be certain of getting one if you manage to order it. The only restriction, from the past, is that each person can only order 1 of each kit. I.E. one Lusis and one Sist kit.
    8. I just wish I knew if the prices are the same this time arround, so I know how much money to mail my cousin so he can pay for this.
    9. but guys... it clearly says that they will not take international orders... you have to be a resident of japan and/or have the doll shipped to Japan. So unless you can have someone in Japan to "recieve" the doll for you, you can't order.

      see the bottom of this page:

      hopefully masamichi can help us...
    10. Like Tanzerse and I noted in our other posts, we both have Japanese addresses. Her problem is that she might not be able to have this person do the postal transfer. For me, there is no problem.

      I too was wondering about Masamichi-san. I really hope that he can help out the people that need him. It would be a real shame if Alchemic won't deal with him this time.

      BTW, do you remember if it was an order form that was used to order?
    11. Last preorder, Masamichi posted two separate links to two info/order pages on the web, and each was open a certain period of time.

    12. Ummm, thanks, but I meant was there an actual order form on the Alchemic Labo site for those that live in Japan?
      I have been asking this same question over and over again since I first learned about Unoas and no one seems to know the answer. I was just wondering if anyone remembers checking the site, even if they haven't used the form.
    13. sorry about the misunderstanding!
      as to the order form, I THINk I remember there being an order form on the site, but I can't say for sure.
    14. No, there wasn't an order form on the AlchemicLabo site that I recall from last time. There was a page that listed prices of the kits and optional parts, but no actual order page.

    15. It's okay, I know that most people don't need to know that info, since hopfully Masamichi-san will be helping them...
      I really hope there is an order form this time, or some kind of shopping cart system.
    16. Yikes!
      Well, from what I read, they don't reply to emails during the ordering period; then how do they distinguish an order email from a non-order email? I really hope that there is some kind of non-email ordering system...

      Is there anyone here that ordered direct without using a buying service? Please, please tell me how you did it! Thank you!!!
    17. Hi! this is still me (Mockingbird) and I'm still having trouble with my user name and account... anyway, am I correct in thinking that the approx. price for the unoa kits is 364.50 USD? (without shipping)
    18. Yes, Liza, that's about right--that's the approximate USD cost (pre shipping and pre-fee) for an unpainted, unstrung kit without any optional parts.

      Good luck with your account!!
    19. man... I really just wanted to order an unpainted kit or some parts,... I really hope someone can help us :(
    20. I just translated the prereservation page for Japanese residents... to me it says:

      1: You apply on the exclusive reservation page of a site within a reservation period. Even if an application by E-mail or mail is within a period, it cannot be accepted.

      2: The duplicate mail with which the contents of an application, the amount of money, the reservation code, the transfer place, etc. were written simultaneously with an application end is transmitted to an application address.

      3: Please transfer the money to the mail postal transfer account indicated by the reply mail at the time of an application by the specified payment date (2 / 2 - 2/13). I will close in a part for the transfer end within a period, and will deal with it as cancellation uniformly about a thing without especially consultation.

      4: This reservation is approved when a payment check is able to be taken. E-mail of this reservation check is sent.

      5: At the stage which all application goods completed, it is payment Japanese order. The E-mail which visits the last check of the contents of goods, an address, etc., and a day of the week and time specification is sent (it carries out collectively for with [ every ] a day). here from the direction which answered a letter -- one by one -- a home delivery (KURONEKOYAMATO) -- I ship in C.O.D. The dispatch ground becomes Tokyo.

      So it looks like once the preorder period starts there WILL be a reservation page. (an order form). And that any orders sent via email will NOT be accepted.