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Alchemic Labo update

Aug 21, 2004

    1. From what I can read in the newest journal entry (not being a master of Japanese yet, but...)
      UNOA preorders *may* start sometime either at the end of August or September. Anyone want to confirm this for me? (Sorry if this is in the wrong spot...) :D
    2. The diary entry says:

      "We are hoping to start the third pre-order period for Unoa at either the end of August or the beginning of September... Please, be gentle with us..."

      I think they were really surprised by the immense flood of orders they got last time, judging from the last entry. ;)

      Hope this helps!
    3. I missed the last preorder. How do I go about preordering this time? Do I have to use a service or can you just order from the site? :D
    4. Noriko,
      Since Araki-san can't do international orders, we'll all have to go through a service. I missed the last preorder too, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get in on this one. ^^
    5. We both missed out, but not this time, eh? :)
      Would Araki-san take an order from me if I have a Japanese address, or is it no foreigners at all? My cousin lives up in northern Japan and he can pay for and receive the dolls at his house. The only problem is that he rarely has the time to package and mail things out, so whenever I order something, I have to wait 6 months to a year for him to get going on it.
    6. just adding my confirmation of your translation, kat. God I hope he does white ones again. I cant dream cant I?
    7. Great News...I am so Happy! Sure hope we can get them through Crescent. My Wynne wants those boobies and of course a sister!
    8. remember that the white ones were only sold at dolpas, and sold at lottery (only 40 each), so try not to get your hopes up too much :oops:

      I have to say I can't help it though, I'm very excited and hopeful about the preorder myself! :daisy
    9. I really hope someone will help us order...does Masamichi's notice about not taking orders for Volks any more include Alchemiclabo? I hope not!
    10. I wrote Crescent as soon as I read the diary on Friday. I have not heard back. While I am very excited I will be patient, with all the talk about annoying americans I dont want to offend.

      Actually I have my entire order all ready in a saved email just waiting for the go ahead javascript:emoticon(':roll:')
    11. How is the ordering normally done? Is it a form that is to be filled out, a cart system or do you just send an email telling them what you want? That is if I don't use a service, pay with a postal transfer and have the dolls shipped to a Japanese address...
      Also, what is the difference between the white and the non-white?
    12. U-noa preorders never come in a good time for me :crushed ... ...

      Oh, btw.....
      I don't think they take postal transfer outside of Japan...
      Hmmmm. I would love if they do :P

      Noriko, I think the white version is ALOT paler than the normal version....
      but they are both very pretty....
    13. Same problem. I am franticly trying to raise the money.

      They only accept postal transfers from within Japan, so my cousin will do it for me. I just have to send him the money.

      I don't mind which version they are, though I do prefer the normal skin tone.
    14. I wouldn't be suprised if they did the lottery system again. It it preorder for the kits, the painted ones, or both?
    15. I'll be annoying and go ahead and ask the likely-unanswerable.

      Anybody know if you'll be able to buy optional parts this time if you've already got your Unoa? Such was the rumor, I seem to recall...
    16. previously, masamichi would help you out like that if you had a previous unoa.
    17. I've asked this before without a reply; does anyone know if how the order is done? Is it a form that is to be filled out, a cart system or do you just send an email telling them what you want to order?
    18. x posted on Minor Miracles>>>

      mmmm anyone save the diary entry from the 21st? its gone! Now there is a diary
      on the 23rd stating a more definite preorder...Just curious I wonder what
      Still no word from Crescent : ( getting nervous - remaining patient

    19. dont know why I was a guest...thought I was cookied in..sorry

    20. "Cookied?" Is there a way to be a member, rather than a guest? I looked all over the sight and didn't see anywhere to register or sign in.