New Doll ALDOU "the house elf" 14.5 cm BJD

Jun 15, 2017

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      ALDOU "the house elf" 14.5 cm BJD

      JUNE 17'TH 2017 (GMT +7)

      Very Limited edition
      (edition size will be announce on release date)

      Height : 14.5 cm
      Eye size : 6-8 mm

      featuring: ​
      • cast in PU resin (Dream Resin 2)​
      • Faceup and body painting included (shown in the pictures). ​
      • Eyes included (6mm Acrylic Eyes). ​

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    2. Oh my gosh, I've been looking for something like this forever! Or at least it feels like it. Are the blank ones limited?
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    3. He is so adorable! I notice that on your website it says the full sets are limited to 35 sets, but there are two full set options. Does the 35 limit include both sets, or is the limit separately on each?
    4. ALDOU is limited too 35 dolls only, combine both basic and fullsets :)
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    5. Can we order more than 1? I'd love to make a couple. Any plans for a wife?
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    6. Hi, Donny! He's just the sweetest little thing, would it be possible to buy both fullset options?
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