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Jun 8, 2008

    1. I'm just sick to make this announcement -- seven of Volks' display dolls went missing overnight.

      If you hear ANYTHING about these dolls, please let us know. Keep an eye on eBay, Y!J, and the DoA Marketplace, and we will be doing the same.

      Here is the information about the missing dolls -- pictures will be up shortly. These are one-off, unique dolls. They do not have a headplate on the back of the head, they have an artist's signature inside instead.

      (1) SD16 Girl "Ruby" w/black swan dress

      (2) MSD Girl F-21 Fairy w/blue dress

      (3) MSD Boy F-13 Fairy w/blue outfit (2 and 3 have matching outfits and long elf ears)

      (4) MSD Girl F-22 Fairy w/yellow dress

      (5) SD13 Girl F-29 w/yellow dress (4 and 5 have matched dresses)

      (6) SD13 Boy F-31 Fairy w/dark green & red outfit

      (7) SD13 Boy "Irvin" (FDQ Limited Model) w/Fairy default dress

      Thanks, and let's all hope that these dolls are returned safely to Volks -- all of us here at Dolpa are really emotional about this, and I hope that no one has stolen the dolls for personal gain, and that they are returned without incident.

      Mr. Shigeta personally stated that if someone took these dolls home and is willing to return them, no accusations will be made.


      -- Andi, on behalf of the DoA Mod Team

      Edit: Header has been changed, it was seven dolls that went missing, not six. There was a lot of confusion in the moment, and I'm now editing the posts to reflect the actual number.
    2. O_O That's HORRIBLE!
      I hope that they're returned/found soon. Who could do such a thing?! I would've thought those into the hobby had more respect for the dolls then that!
    3. That's slightly horrifyling!:o
    4. What a terrible thing! Be it someone who wanted them to have for themselves or someone who stole them to sell, it's equally terrible.

      I do hope that they're all returned safely...
    5. Could someone please post pictures of the missing dolls? I've looked at gallery shots, but I'm still not sure of a few of them.
    6. Jeez that's awful... but I can't help wondering how such a thing could happen! Where was the hotel security? Argh... >_<

    7. Seconded....Infact I could only find a picture of the boy.
    8. That's terrible - and it's the second time I've heard of something like that happening at a doll convention; Tonner had an incident like that too!
    9. Pictures have been posted in the news thread
    10. How can people do that! >..< I hate this, for God sake! I really hope they're found soon and in good conditions.
    11. If this was in a hotel, have all the rooms been searched? These are incredibly valuable items, and this is incredibly serious. Was there any video surveillance? I really hope they're returned soon, because this is just terrible.
    12. ... isn't that SEVEN dolls gone missing?

      Miscounting aside, I hope they are all found quickly.
    13. I may be wrong, but I think that Dolpa NY is being held in a conference room located in FIT NY.

      I am thinking that they left the entire set up in that room yesterday (since they will be using the same location for today) and just locked it. I wonder if the theft was done by someone who had access to that room (since I am not there I am not sure if there was any forceful entry). Maybe these people just found out the value of these dolls and took them. (BUT THIS IS JUST MY RANDOM GUESS).

      So indeed I am surprised that the campus of FIT had such weak security at night time.

      I really pray that this would be resolved and the dolls being returned soon. This looks so bad.

    14. the fact that someone would do that just makes me sick, i do hope these dolls turn up safe
    15. Ohmygod, thats horrible! I'll stay on the look-out around eBay!​
    16. This is ridiculous. :| Don't these people realize that the doll community is REALLY vigilant about things like this? If they go up on eBay or Y!J, we'll find them. If someone took them home and posts gallery shots on basically any of the doll forums, we'll find them. Their only way to keep them is to leave them sitting in storage where nobody will ever see them, basically... or alter them beyond recognition. If they're so lazy that they stole them instead of buying their own, you can bet your butt they're not just there to sit in a display case.

      God, things like this just make me sick. And Mr. Shigeta is SO nice too, I really hate that it happened to Volks especially. :(
    17. Thats just unbelievable....very bold thieves. I guess from now on no one will be so trusting as to leave the display dolls out without a guard.

      I hope they get them back. :/
    18. :(

      I can't believe anyone would do that. I hope they get returned safely.
    19. Did you contact Ebay? I know this thread isn't for discussion but this is a suggestion. I think you can contact Ebay and tell them what happened and maybe then can help keep an eye open for these dolls?
    20. After further thought, it seems to me that the person who stole them couldn't possibly be a collector. If they were they'd realize crazy doll people come in mobs and there'd be no way they could ever get away with it.