Jun 8, 2008

    1. I'm just sick to make this announcement -- seven of Volks' display dolls went missing overnight.

      If you hear ANYTHING about these dolls, please let us know. Keep an eye on eBay, Y!J, and the DoA Marketplace, and we will be doing the same.

      Here is the information about the missing dolls -- pictures will be up shortly. These are one-off, unique dolls. They do not have a headplate on the back of the head, they have an artist's signature inside instead.

      (1) SD16 Girl "Ruby" w/black swan dress

      (2) MSD Girl F-21 Fairy w/blue dress

      (3) MSD Boy F-13 Fairy w/blue outfit (2 and 3 have matching outfits and long elf ears)

      (4) MSD Girl F-22 Fairy w/yellow dress

      (5) SD13 Girl F-29 w/yellow dress (4 and 5 have matched dresses)

      (6) SD13 Boy F-31 Fairy w/dark green & red outfit

      (7) SD13 Boy "Irvin" (FDQ Limited Model) w/Fairy default dress

      Please don't post to this thread with chat, this should be for actual information only.

      Thanks, and let's all hope that these dolls are returned safely to Volks -- all of us here at Dolpa are really emotional about this, and I hope that no one has stolen the dolls for personal gain, and that they are returned without incident.

      Mr. Shigeta personally stated that if someone took these dolls home and is willing to return them, no accusations will be made.


      -- Andi, on behalf of the DoA Mod Team

      Edit: Header has been changed, it was seven dolls that went missing, not six. There was a lot of confusion in the moment, and I'm now editing the posts to reflect the actual number.
    2. I just wanted to make an update to this post with photos of some of the dolls that are currently missing:


      These are the photos from the Dolpa edition of FDQ - as you can tell, these dolls are very special and very specific. If you can possibly give any information, please feel free to PM a mod or contact Volks through their website.

      We have no idea who may have taken them, though it seems likely that they may end up on eBay if someone has stolen them to resell them. We hope for their safe return. :(
    3. Ashbet, Armeleia, if we, as members, find the dolls on auction sites or whatnot and report the dolls as having been stolen, is there specific 'official' literature/wording we should use when reporting the dolls to ensure that the thievery is taken seriously by the right officials?
    4. Sorry, no chat here, but I have a question: what about tracking any traces of dolls if they will be sold aboard of US? It a known way to make police lose track of theft - send it to another country asap. As for me I will try my best to keep an eye on all russian-speaking communities in case any info or photoes will pop up. And the same question as Iikaya have: any official states by Volks? Articles or announcements?
    5. Sorry Ashbet, you said six, but seven are listed?
      and I cant quite match all the dolls up with the pics

      and isnt irvin the one in darkgreen and red fairy costume?
    6. The seventh doll was in FDQ virtual magazine so I screen cap'd her to share with everyone. This is the F-22 I fell in love with that was stolen:

    7. Sorry -- I'll update this if I get any more information. I was told six, but then I was given a written list with seven . . . I'm not actually sure what the correct number is right now. (I'm back at my hotel at this point.) I should have noticed that when I was writing the announcement, but I was frankly too upset :/

      Irvin is the tan elf boy.

      -- A <3

    8. FCS-31 tan elf boy is in the second photo
      Irvin is in the fourth photo

      just to clarify this in case anyone was wondering.
    9. Just to let everyone know, Mr. Shigeta announced at the end of the dolpa that the dolls will be given to Make A Wish if they are recovered. :atremblin
    10. I took some closeup photos of the missing dolls last night.
      This is Irvin

      The missing MSD F21

      The MSD F22

      The F31

      The F13

      The F29 with MSD F21
    11. It was initially stated during the announcement that it was six. But Shino later said it was actually seven.
    12. One more thing to add about the dolls:

      They were taken right off the display the table, just carried off. The boxes were left behind and there are no certificates.

      If you're a member of another doll board, hobby board, anything that is somewhat related - and to all the non-U.S. members - Please spread the word about these dolls.

      Thank You,
      FDQ Magazine
    13. I come from HONG KONG.
      I will make a web site or blog to make every one notice that.
      I need more information with the dolls, like the full name of the dolls, height etc.Can someone sent me the photos of missing doll with hold body and close up.
      sent to [email protected]

      Thanks for your help
    14. The dolls have not been found, but we will be removing the red announcement at the top of the forum. :(

      We have started an index listing for missing and stolen dolls within the Feedback subforum. This listing is to help members and companies who have had dolls stolen from them get the word out, and also to help our community members avoid accidentally buying stolen items.

      We still hope that these dolls will be returned and we wish Volks (and any other members who are dealing with theft) the best.
    15. Was there any other info after the incident about the missing dolls since the posting? Any open info that can be posted would make other people identify them.
    16. The info posted is the only info we have. We hope that the pictures would identify the dolls, as there isn't really anything else to go on at this point.
    17. Volks has already confirmed that this doll is not one of the missing dolls. Thank you.