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Alexiell's feed back

Mar 28, 2007

    1. yay first post XD
      Sold a shirt and black leather shorts to alexiell, smooth and very friendly transaction, a very great buyer :D
    2. I sold alexiell a Domuya Flexi body on a 4 month layaway. She was very easy to deal with and kept up great communication throughout the layaway. The first payment she paid more then the deposit I asked for and then because of real life issues (her moving) she ended up paying off the body 2 months earlier then the layaway plan we'd discussed.

      I wouldn't hesitate selling to her again. :)
    3. Sold three items to alexiell, these were a Petsha mask, shirt and shoes. Very quick transaction (well, I would say *instant*!), excellent communication, she's obviously a great buyer. It was my pleasure to deal with her :3
    4. Alexiell is an excellent buyer! Superfast payment, great communication and really nice to work with, thank you!
    5. Alexiell is a pleasure to do business with. She bought some armor from me, paid supper fast, and was great about communication.

      Thanks so much Alexiell!
    6. I had the most brilliant transaction, was paid fast, kept in great contact and kindly notified when she arrived safely :o)

      Thanks so much!!
    7. Sold to alexiell who paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    8. I sold some clothes for SD to her. She is a pleasure to do business with! Thank you much!
    9. I bought from Alexiell a SD Pilot Hat, is gorgeous!!!!!!
      She is very kind, it was a pleasure to make a deal with you!!!!!!!!
      Thanks so much!!!!!!
    10. alexiell comissioned me for her Celestyn (faceup and scarwork).
      She is a very kind person, paid superfast and was great to comunicate with.
      It was a pleasure to deal with her and I highly recommend her!
      Thank you su much!!!
    11. I sold a MSD sized outfit to Alexiell and she paid very quickly and had great communication. I would be thrilled to deal with her again :D

      Thanks Alexiell!

      - aka_spooky
    12. I sold her 3 MSC cans, and she's a really sweet and patient person to deal with <3

      Thanks so much! Hope you get them soon XD
    13. Alexiell bought a set of MSD dress from me. Fast payment and nice communication. It's a freat transaction! :D
    14. Wonderful buyer, payment right away, and let me know that she received her.
      Thanks so much, and Enjoy!
    15. Another great transaction with alexiell!! She bought a DZ dress from me and everything was perfect XD

      Thanks so much! <3
    16. Alexiell purchased a desk set from me. Her PMs were so friendly and her payment was fast. It was an all around great transaction.
      Thanks so much!
    17. I bought an AOD Fei head from Alexiell, very well packed (peanuts for brains!! :lol: ) Great communication, thank you!! :)
    18. I brought a domuya flexi fashion doll from alexiell, everything went really smoothly, there was great communication at all times and it was all round a fab international transaction :D Many thanks again!
    19. I sold a pair of custom blue pants to alexiell and she was a pleasure to deal with. :)

      A++++++ :D:D:D