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Alexis Rose - by Wish-Art (Whitewings)

May 15, 2011

    1. It is with great excitement, horrendous nerves, no fingernails and my first grey hair that I humbly introduce the first Mini Sculpt 'Alexis Rose' from Wish~Art

      Alexis Rose was a project I began three years ago - her partially formed pieces often spent extended periods in a storage container under my desk. I was inspired to finish her after the death of two dear friends in 2010 - their passing brought to light the fragility of life and was a reminder to stop and "smell the roses", named for my sister and my friends; Alexis Rose embodies femininity, delicacy and a robust passion for life, we needn't have a size 4 wardrobe to be beautiful...

      Limited to 15 castings for this order period - Alexis Rose is not a limited sculpt and will be made available in limited number during ordering periods. She employs a magnetic faceplate system and other face plates will become available in the future. Processing time for these dolls is from 30 to 45 business days not including public holidays.

      Every doll is hand cast, one at a time as it is ordered, in our studio in sunny Queensland - each doll is hand sanded and assembled with a great deal of care and inspected carefully for consistent quality - available in four resin colors - Please see post #3 - she is available for viewing and purchase/layby at

      ORDER PERIOD 15th May to the 15th of June


      Measurements for Alexis

      Height: 38.5 cm
      Height with Heeled Feet: 40 cm
      Head: 13 cm
      Neck: 4.5 cm
      Bust: 19 cm Alexis and
      Waist: 13.5 cm
      Hips: 21.5 cm Alexis
      Arm: 12 cm
      Hip to knee: 10 cm
      Hip to Foot: 21 cm
      Ankle: 6cm
      Foot: 5.5 cm
      Eyes 8mm
      Wig sizing 5" exactly

    2. These Resin Colors are now available as standard options through the website. While there is no additional charge for the darker colors - Seam Sanding for Ebony and Chocolate Milk is not included in the base price.


      L to R: Ebony, Chocolate Milk, English Rose, Paper White

      Edit to add - Ebony and Chocolate Milk are no longer available.