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ALICE - 2007 Zodiac Year of the Pig from Elfdoll

Aug 31, 2007

    1. I didn't see a news thread for this, buut here it goes.

      A new joint project, presented by Elfdoll for the Year of the Pig: Tiny Pig doll, Alice.


      Measuring in 14cm of height.
      To be released September 1st.
    2. are they limited to 100 internationally???
    3. I love these piggies. I'd like three, please.

      Edit with more info:

      Dealers will not be carrying this first release. You must get it directly off the ElfDoll site, and I think orders open tomorrow.

      The other interesting thing I found out is: the artist who designed her is Dutch. He is a famous childrens' writer in the Netherlands.
      Again, how nice to see Rainman collaborate with an international artist.

    4. Does anyone have a link to the Elfdoll website?
    5. Hi Everyone!

      Here is our Alice Cherry Blossom!


      Thanks! & Go for her!

      Foreign Trade Manager
      Artmaze Inc./ Artmaze USA Inc. / Elfdoll Inc.
    6. One days notice, it said September 2nd for release but they are already sold out this morning?
      :( will there be a basic one offered? many people have missed out.
    7. there is supposed to be a US edition, available from the dealers, next ordering period
    8. I just read on the question answer area:

      That there will be a couple of limited release with outfit - different outfits. :) can't wait no dates were mentioned there.
    9. Oh that is good news! Do you know around when will the next release be? ^^
    10. TreeLore, she was released on Sept. 2 in Korea which is Sept. 1 here since they are half a day a head of us more or less...
    11. I wrote the answer for this on this news thread but the moderators must've thought it was a chat not an actual news.

      Elfdoll had answered my question related to this on the QnA board mentioning that ...

      there will be couple of more Alices out each month with different outfits on. And Alice will never be sold as a 'basic' Alice - without default items kind of deal.
    12. This is from Dollsandfriends F.A.Q:
      Is it about the first or the second Alice release?