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Alice Family - exclusive Elfdoll pigs

Sep 5, 2008

    1. Prices would be nice to include in the info.

      [ALICE] VICTORIA & EDWARD : 375$ (each)
      [ALICE] ALICE & BILLIE: 300.00$ (each)
      [ALICE] JULIA & IAN: 275.00$ (each)
    2. soooooo cute!!! >_<
      and sooo expensive XDDD (T_T)
    3. Any body pictures of Victoria and Edward anywhere? Measurements other than height?
    4. Will a basic release follow these limited dolls?
    5. Oh man I want them all! I wonder if they will ever bring out the homme version with the closed mouth again like Gothic Hoody? I love the homme colour the most but the new one with the tusks is brilliant.
    6. stupid question but are they Anatomically correct? because ian and julia look exactly the same to me. they are cute though
    7. No, they have no gender bits :sweat The only difference between those two are the skin tones.
    8. I just saw this message by Charles Stephan on Flickr :

      It looks like these releases are the last Elfdoll piggies release :(
    9. Those new big piggies are incredibly cool!! *0* So bad I have no money to buy Victoria this time ;___;

      It's so sad to say good bye to this beautiful piggies U____U I feel so lucky having two of them living with me now.

      I'm so looking forward to the next story!! :D

      Thanks a lot Elfdoll and Charles for giving us the oportunity to own these peaces of magic!! >//w//<
    10. im not to keen on the adults but i love the babies.
    11. I love the Alice in Wonderland theme...I have my Alice version ordered...sooo happy. :) I was going to wait, but I don't want to risk not being able to have her.
    12. Did anyone here pre-order them? Are you still waiting or have any updated regarding shipping date?
    13. I was charmed by their irresistable winks. Wow!!:aheartbea
    14. Sorry ignore me!!
    15. Was initially turned off by their price but I just had to have a warthog. And soon after I had to order Billie because I was so impressed by them!
    16. Eeee, I love them. So adorable! By does my wallet have to be empty! D:
    17. I tried to resist the piggies...but I gave up....and one by one, they all came home to my house! I just LOVE they all so much! They are so wonderful....of course, now they want me to buy them a house!
    18. I know what you mean! I bought only Alice ,but wish I could have bought them all! My Alice lives in a little wooden frame house I bought for $5.00 at Micheal Craft store ( they were going out of business!) I found that Fisher Price Loving Family grand dollhouse furniture fits her perfect!!! It's getting harder to find though :( After the Christmas rush all stores are sold out :( Here is pics of Prudence my piggie :