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Alice in Labyrinth 1/3 Doll Discussion

Jun 9, 2017

    1. I don't have one of these dolls but, I'm interested in them. Many of the threads on these dolls are pretty specific so I thought that creating a more general thread on them would also be helpful. Please share your thoughts on the quality, posability, hybrid combinations, suitable clothes, photos, etc. I'd like to hear from as many people as possible. Thank you.
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    2. AIL is my all time favourite BJD company, I just LOVE their sculpts! In my experience the old Normal Skin tone matches Volks (and similiar NS-yellows) very well.
      But in 2016 I purchased a MSD AIL doll also in NS and it appears their resin must have changed because her skin tone was much more peachy and not like the old NS at all.
      Allie27~~ if you are considering getting an AIL doll, I'd say GO FOR IT! Seriously, their dolls are wonderful! :whee:

      // PS: I'm curious if anyone here has purchased their new 1/3 bodies?
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    3. Thank you for adding to my thread. I was starting to wonder about this company because all the threads about it are pretty inactive. I'm hoping to hear from more people since AIL has been having a sale throughout July. They're selling the 1/3 body with a free head. I don't have the money now but, I hope they do that again in the future. So far my favourite sculpt is Alice. I'd like to know more about the body too. I like that it's childlike, unlike most 1/3 bodies.
    4. Oh yes, I saw they had their special sale and was super tempted too- but money is a bit tight atm here, unfortunately :(
      The Alice sculpt is beautiful, I can see why that is your favourite. I have the sleeping version Alice (on a DT13 body) and she is one of my all-time favourite dolls :3
      I would love to see owners photos of the new Jane head from AIL.... I wonder if anyone here on DOA have ordered her yet??
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    5. I have a (slightly modded) AiL Heyley head on a Volks Seirei NS body, and a Volks Kujo head on the AiL body that work OK. I'm not the best one to judge resin-mathcing as I don't insist on an aexact match (since very few people have the exact same skintone on their face as on their body a bit of mismatch in dolls is more natural, to me, than an exact match).

      The AiL body seems to pose reasonably well, but I've not done any comparisons - I bought it because it enabled Maudie (my character for the Kujo head) to be shorter than her older siblings and cousins (although only when standing - she looks the same height when sitting - all the height difference appears to be in leg-length).

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    6. Teddy~~ Out of curiosity, is the AIL body that you purchased in NS? If yes, will the AIL NS still match Volks dolls and the like? ._.

      Oh yes, I remember reading somewhere that AIL designed the 1/3 of theirs with slightly shorter legs compared to most of SD bodies because they wanted a more realistic looking body :3 The AIL body looks really beautiful- it's nice to hear that it seems to pose reasonably well^^
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    7. Yes, NS. It's a close enough match for me but, as I said, I'm not fussy about an exact martch so am probably not the right person to make a judgement call on it.

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    8. It would be nice if AIL started selling clothes and wigs for their 1/3 dolls. I'm guessing an AIL doll might fit into Dollmore Illua doll clothes, though the illua doll is a slightly narrower and shorter SD-sized child doll at 48cm tall. I doubt Illua doll shoes and wigs would fit an AIL doll since an Illua doll has bigger feet and a smaller head... I feel kind of torn between an AIL doll and a Dollmore illua doll; I like AIL sculpts and the fact that the heads and bodies are sold individually. On the other hand, illua dolls are similar-looking and buying clothes and wigs for them would be easier.

      If I were to buy an AIL Alice doll, I would probably buy an Alice sleeping head too, so that it would look as if the same girl had changed her expression.
      #8 Allie27, Aug 2, 2017
      Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
    9. Mine fit the dress that she wore previously on her Volks SD10 body, it's just a tad longer on this body

    10. Allie27~~ AIL 1/3 dolls will fit clothes for regular SD sized dolls. If you look at the measurements they are more or less the same as most other 1/3 girls, it's only the legs that are shorter :3
      For wigs, all the AIL 1/3 dolls wear regular size wigs in 8"-9", so finding them wigs/eyes/clothes shouldn't be a problem for you at all :kitty2
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    11. @Allie27 I used to have an AiL Alice head on a Dollfamily body, it was an excellent resin match and great proportions too. However this was a few years ago. Alice was also on my Shinydoll body for a while, I found it to be a bit too slender for her. If anyone has a picture of their AiL body to share, I would love to see it, it looks so lovely in the company photos :)
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    12. Thank you for your help.
    13. What do you think of the way AiL resin yellows? I've read that different resins yellow at different rates and Normal resins turn more yellow than white ones.

    14. Like with most resins, unless you leasve your doll out in direct sunlight, it's such a gradual process you don't notice it happening. It's just the colour your doll is.

      I prefer most "normal" skins after they've yellowed a bit because they look a more realistic flesh colour than the too-pale-too-pink colour of NormalSkin resin, and WhiteSkin is definately nicer after it's yellowed a bit, as it's far too stark to look natural (to me) when they're new and unyellowed... I guess that's why the only white-skin doll I own got dyed royal blue for a fantasy character rather than remain white.

      Short answer : I haven't noticed any of my AiL resin yellowing any differently from the others (Volks, Luts, Custom House, Ninodoll, RML etc.)

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    15. I see. Thank you.
    16. Last month, I decided to get an Alice in normal skin without a faceup and the doll arrived on Friday. Here is a picture of the body, if you are interested:
      AIL body
      I don't have a wig or clothes for her yet. I love historical outfits so I've been browsing Legend Doll for some kind of Victorian looking dress or nightgown. I like the look of the clothes from X-Y and Promise, though I've never bought from either brand.
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    17. What do you think a
      What do you think of the posing ability?
    18. @Allie27 Thanks for sharing, congrats on your doll! How long did it take from ordering to shipping? Was it within the 4-week estimate?

      I was considering buying a 1/3 size Aya, but talked to my wallet and ordered their mini Aya 3 weeks ago :)
    19. The posability is limited because the arms and legs are single jointed. As it says on the company site, the doll can bend her knees and elbows to about 90 degrees, sit up without leaning on a chair and the thighs can rotate. I bought this doll mainly for aesthetics rather than posability.

      Thank you. Yes, the company shipped the order within 4 weeks just as it said it would do in an e-mail confirming the payment. There were no problems with the service.
      #19 Allie27, Nov 21, 2017
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    20. Has anyone bought a wig from Leekeworld for one of these dolls?