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Alice in Labyrinth 40cm Body

Jul 28, 2009

    1. I just saw on AiL they are releasing their first body. It will be 40cm. I like the look of this body alot. They posted it should be available this August.
      Here is the link to the photo of the body.http://homepage3.nifty.com/aliceinlabyrinth/aliceinlabyrinth/hp/newpage1-e.html

      TreeloreI read that too but I was unsure if I was misunderstanding. As of now they only have one girl MSD head. I am hoping they will be releasing a new one. I wonder if they will use the same resin as there other dolls since they do match Volks.
    2. NEWS: She says there will be a new head too on that page to go on the body.

      Very nice body the legs have great curves and the toes have detail! (thats nice if they match volks resin for people that want a body option!) no middle joint different look.
    3. o.O They don't really have an MSD size head unless you mean Daryl and that's YO-SD size, sort of. I heard the Daryl head looks best on something like Custom House Little Junior *but* technically it is listed as 25 cm. Unless there was a limited head I don't know about, which is likely but... I would assume it's a completely new head. ;) (Which I'm excited about since I love AiL, but prefer 40-50 size XD )
    4. Daryl is not Yo sized. She fits perfectly on Volks MSD bodies. I did a group order and have seen all the heads in person except the 3 new ones. Daryl looks very odd on a YO body. Check the database she looks bobble headed. Plus AiL told me when I did the group order Daryl worked very well on B&G MSD body.
      Fiona is SD sized she is NOT MSD sized. I have seen her in person and she looks very much like a younger Alice. I actually had a hard time telling their bare molds apart.

      The three I have not seen in person are Glenn, sleeping Alice, and Hayley.
      I hope this information helps :)
      And dont forget we are not allowed to chat in the News section. If someone wants to post a discussion thread they can.

      Edit: anoniemouse I can only go by what AiL told me when I did the group order. If you check the discussion thread and database you will see what I am talking about regarding Daryl :)
    5. Whilst this maybe true, she is listed on AiL website as 25cm which is Yo-SD size, and she is on a Volks Yo-SD body in the pictures. Which is basically what I said,

      Custom House Little Junior size is about 30 cm + so I'm sure the doll look a bit better at that size. However, the doll may look like a bobble head at the Yo-SD size, but that doesn't change what the person intended Daryl's head size to be. There are plenty of people that like the bobble head doll look.
    6. Hello! This thread is getting to be more conversational than actual NEWS. Please feel free to begin a News/Event Chat thread.
      Thanks for your understanding.