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Alice in Labyrinth [AiL] Elijah head

Mar 10, 2008

    1. [thread=199115]Link to News thread.[/thread]

      Here is the discussion thread :)
      I think he is gorgeous, I really like his parted lips!
    2. He...will be the perfect addition to my Hue. I am such a sucker for open-mouthed boys. Especially when you can see their teeth.
    3. He is really beautiful. His face is a little young for my collection, but I think he's wonderful.
    4. its like an open mouthed bertram o.o TEETH. I'm a sucker, totally. Luckily I cant afford him right now but someday!
    5. I agree Lethanon, I love the teeth....My Chloe head only just arrived today! then I see Elijah!!! Adds him to *must have* list...........

    6. ah yes, yet another AIL head that's coming home, LOL
    7. I'm so in love with this mold I can't think straight O_O the teeth are killin me!
    8. I haven't had a chance for a good look at the site but do we know if the teeth are a part of the mold or is it a seperate piece?

      Either way, he's beautiful! :love (I'm not replacing my Bertram though.)
    9. I'm totally placing my bets that they are removable. From different angles, they have that look.
    10. Wow, he is a very handsome mold :D Very handsome! Can somebody tell me what eyes those are? Much appreciated :)
    11. Oh my goddddddddddddddddddddddd!
      I'm just squealing all over the place, he is absolutely gorgeous.
    12. The AIL molds are so strange to me. I at first thought they were really ugly, but then they grew on me, and I can't put my finger on why. I LOVE his open mouth though!
    13. I really like his eyes and nose... I don't know about this mouth, it seems a bit big to me. But his eyes are a really nice shape and the green eyes look really amazing there. I wonder what kind those are?
    14. neon addiction: i think what is fascinating us all is how most of the AIL molds capture so perfectly that awkward grace of adolescence, particularly the years from 13 to 17.

      krystina: those eyes are AIL made eyes, i believe they have them for sale, or will soon, on their website.

      and i second the opinion that the teeth are probably separate; they would be a moldmaker's nightmare to have them all in one in the mold:too many undercuts!!!

    15. Thanx MAITALA! Really love those eyes!
    16. AiL slaughters me slowly with their new heads, and it just keeps coming! TuT *dies happy*

      I assume this head will cost the same as Bertram?
    17. I think i sort of died for few secs when i saw him

      Goodness, such a pretty!

      Mehh im in trouble >_<
    18. Oh no! He's absolutely gorgeous! *wants* Those teeth are beautifully sculpted - I'm wondering if they are a separate piece.
    19. Oh dear *i hate you AIL for stealing my moneh!!!* I don't think I will be able to live without that little mister Elijah!! >::::::::<
    20. Teeths! Elijah is so cute! :D
      I think I can't escape from AiL this time :D