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Alice in Labyrinth - Fiona head

Aug 28, 2008

    1. Augh! She's absolutely adorable! I love her chubby cheeks, and those lips are to die for! :D
    2. I love the color of her lips!
      Her eyes are adorable.
      I want one now, haha.:D
    3. >.< i think she will be my SD girl.. instead of the F-01... i love her that much...XD >w<...... so cute....... her face has so much character :aheartbea
    4. She is absolutely adorable!! But for some reason I think she would have been better suited as a MSD because of her very childlike face ><
      Anyways, hope to see owner piccies of her soon! :D
    5. :DYAY, for the children love the Alice in Labyrinth!
    6. aaaag, I want her, I want her so bad...I am only about $20-30 away from having enough in my Paypal account to get her (c'mon, people, somebody buy my wigs/Mayu head!! ;) ) I am terrified that she will sell out before I get enough funds to bring her home!!

      I love her face and her big, sweet eyes. I only wish her bottom lip was a little fuller. She is so beautiful ::sighs::
    7. When I first saw the preview pic of her I was totally in love.. but with the new pics out... I wish she didn't have such a chubby face. I liked the slim face look she has from certain angles... meh =(
    8. She's adorable! :3 I've become a converted fan of AiL and this new head is simply gorgeous! I love her pouty little lips, and actually, I could even see this sculpt working as a boy! xD
    9. She's adorable! I thought she was smaller sized though, her baby face doesn't seem to match the rest of the AiL sculpts. She's a beautiful, but (thankfully) she's not going to deter me from my Elijah goal!
    10. OMG, Fioana's beautiful!! I can totally see her as a guy, too. Oooo.... if I only were into 60 cms xD
    11. I love how full her lips are. She looks very sweet.
    12. She is cute but her lips look a little weird.
    13. She is a beauty and I am very excited as she is on her way home to me along with some of her relatives.. Love her! I'm ok with her size. My Dollga Ojallin has that baby face and is an SD girl and I can't imagine her any other way.
    14. I ORDERED HER!! I ORDERED HER!!! Sent payment yesterday evening! And they shipped her out TODAY, tra la!! :D How's that for fast?? I'm sooo excited!!

      Can't wait to see your Fiona too, Mrscollins! Who else did you get?? I've been wanting Daryl too but don't have a body for her to go on (yet).

      Solarsenshi, I think her wig makes her face look fuller in some photos...she's shown with quite a big haired look...but in any event I do love her soft cheeks!
    15. How very exciting Sylphide! Wheee.. can't wait to see your girl. I got a shipping notice that mine just went out too... So excited about Fiona I can't remember who else I got! :D
    16. Anybody know what size eyes she takes? I couldn't find it on the AiL site. Her eyes are noticeably bigger than Alice's; I'm guessing 16 mm??
    17. I think she's stunning and she actually reminds me of a School C girl. . . ?
      (At least, in the first picture she does)
      I love her lips!
    18. Does she only match with the Volks bodies? She is beautiful, they all are :aheartbea
    19. I used to have an Alice head on a NS old style Custom House body-- it was a pretty good match. I think she matched DollnDoll NS resin as well (at least I hope so, that's the body Fiona will be getting!)