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Alice in Labyrinth Mini Discussion

Jul 30, 2009

    1. This is the discussion thread for the new Alice in Labyrinth 40cm body and new head:

      News Thread

      Alice in Labyrinth page

      Im actually really really excited! Those who know me know my obsession with AiL and Koitsukihime and this body is so perfect and pretty:aheartbea. I really hope the head is nice, though somehow i think it will end up looking like Alice:lol:

      Mod's Note:
      What AiL heads fit on what other Mini bodies...
      What size eyes and wigs fit on heads...
    2. Xen How is the resin match with plantdoll? I have my Alice on a Volks FCS body and since they are a match I would love to know more bodies that match. :)
    3. The eyes are from AiL sometimes they give them as a special gift. They do not sell them right now but hopefully in the future. I have these blue ones and a hazel pair but I really want the green ones.
      I love AiL they are a really great company.
    4. Hi,
      my Alice is home :aheartbea
      and with Bambicrony girl

      Excuse making I am not good photographer:sweat
    5. I was shocked too when I went to put her in the cabinet with my other dolls. I had just taken it for granted she was as large as the others. Imagine my surprise to find out she only came up to Seola7's shoulder...hehehe. I still love her though, and can't wait for her face to come alive.
    6. I got mine this week too. I was really disapointed. Her hands are so manish, the fingers are almost webbed except for the thumb . and her head seems too small for her body. Her collar bone sticks out too much and her eyes are very small. I love the ball joints even though it means I don't have as much movement and she won't sit alone. I think her face is pretty. I am hoping a faceup and the right wig will make a difference. But I'm weird in that just like I would not get rid of a child if it was born with issues. I feel like I just need to love her more and dress her cuter(LOL) I measured her and I think she will fir the kish 14 inch doll patterns. if that helps anyone with clothes.
    7. My Alice


      But the wig is not size for Alice :|
    8. I am buy wig 7-8", but is too much. AiL write 6,9".

      pictures body:
    9. I've got a 6.5" Leeke wig for my friend's little Alice and it fits perfectly.

      And let me help to spam her pics here ;)
    10. various wig:

      Thanks for looking
    11. Photo is not perfect:
    12. Vinge > thanks so much for your very useful pics! The size of these dolls is 37cm but next to Unoa she seems even smaller.

      I love the new sculpt, Aya, she's adorable!
    13. Mods, plz move this thread if its in the wrong place! Im still a nooblet!

      I did a search & looked through some threads trying to find anyone who had a similar problem and all I found was a thread about AiL heads on Dollstown bodies but that was mainly asking about resin matching...

      I need help! I have been doing the math for about an hour now, comparing pics and I'm still not confident without actually SEEING the parts in RL, but I have a question:

      I am interested in purchasing the female Aya AiL head to put on a boy's body. The problem is, I would like to put her head on a LUTS Kid Delf Boy body but I don't know if the head will look too small...a Kid Delf boy body WITHOUT the head is 36cm tall, but Aya plus her AiL body WITH head is 37cm tall! *gulp* its not a terrible amount of difference, only the LUTS body will be slightly taller...the legs being the wackiest....Aya's legs are a total of 14.3cm, while the legs on the LUTS boy are 22cm! *doh*......does anyone think this will look a bit wonky? Should I go ahead and go for it or look around for another body? I am POSITIVE I want the Aya head, I just don't want my Aya to be a girl!

      Any suggestions? Thanks guys!

      Again, sorry if this is in the wrong place, or a thread like it already exists! :sweat
    14. A question for those who have already received this doll. How does she sit? Can she sit upright or does she fall back. I have found this to be a problem with one piece bodies, and even two piece bodies. Would appreciate any answer. Shirley in NC
    15. No,she cannot sit alone,she has to use her hands!!
      But,nevertheless,the doll is gorgeous !:fangirl:
    16. i just ordered Aya unpainted head and body. I think she is about Narsha size. It's a nice size. Maybe Narsha clothes will fit her???
    17. Aya head has the same size as Mini Alice.I have a Mini Alice and her head is Yo-sd size!!!!
      So it would not match to a kid delf Body,a 30cm body like lati green would match well!;)
    18. My Aya kimono fullset has just arrived, she is absolutely beautiful.
      She is nice and weighty for a small doll and feels good to handle.
      The only thing I wasn't expecting was the size of her hands - they are large and not quite as dainty as her delicate little face would suggest...
      But she is lovely and I'm very pleased I ordered her... perhaps I'll order an Alice to keep her company :)
    19. Thanks Petra! You helped me greatly!!!!

      Hmmm, do you think the large AiL doll heads would look alright on a Kid Delf body maybe?....a better fit???? Or heads will be too big in this case?


      nevermind...I'm a 'tard. xD

      I figured it out! Thanks guys!