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Alice in Labyrinth Spring Sale!!

Mar 5, 2009

    1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      We present each customer who orders an AiL's head by mail-order from March 4 to March 22 a pair of AiL original Hybrid Glass Eyes.
      And shipping free!!
      This privilege is only for mail-order customers.
      The part of pupil is made of glass and the white of the eye is resin.
      The picture's eyes are the examples.
      Please leave us to choose the colors.

      Please view "[SIZE=+3]Here[/SIZE]".

    2. Any chance you'll be selling the eyes separately eventually?
    3. Thank you LauraJ-san.

      Sorry we don't have enough stock for selling them, because it had been impossible to get
      the glass parts, though we want to make many colors and patterns of them.
      Now, we are looking for a substitute for this part.
    4. Hmmm... sorry, I want to purchase the doll from your shop but I can't understand - where's the oreder's form? Or I need to send you my contacts bu email and you'll send me the Paypal invoice? Can I pay in dollars?
    5. Thank you samishige-san

      Please email us directly when you order or there is any question.
      Then we will inform you details.
      Of course you can pay in dollars through the PayPal.

    6. We extend this Spring Sale until the end of this month,
      because the sale is being well received by customers.
      Don't miss it!!