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Alice in labyrinth's new head - Bertram

Dec 1, 2007

    1. I love both Alice in the Labyrinth heads, how can they be purchased in the US?
    2. Can someone who reads Japanese translate the shop? It looks like you can order Bertram for a limited time, rather than having to win him in an auction?
    3. You can pre-order him until 16th December.
      But they don't list Paypal or credit cards as accepted forms of payment, so you'd probably have to buy him via a shopping service like Crescent Shop.
      Or nab an auction head, again, via a Japanese bidding service.
    4. Currently there is an auction for the Bertram head, available for a fixed price of ¥18,900:

      You can also order it from this page:

      - The preorder period is November 28 ~ December 16.
      - To order, email your name, address, telephone number and the number of heads you want.
      - You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours.
      - When the heads are made (hopefully by the end of the year), you will receive an email and a request to pay.
      - Payment method: domestic postal transfer or domestic bank transfer.

      If you reserve by email, you will receive a free fur wig in a random colour. If you use the auction link, you won't receive a wig.

      I don't think the Alice head is available for ordering currently.

      So, from what I can tell: You can't purchase from overseas, you would need to use a buying/bidding service.
    5. I found that auction earlier today and used the BIN - I went back later and the auction still seemed current - so I presumed they had relisted - or there was more than one available. I just went and looked then and the auction has ended - and it shows in my details that this was the one I did win.. hmmm.
      I was really only going to look and see when the head would be sent as I didnt really read all the auction and after reading here that it is a pre-order - I presumed I would have to wait for him - but the auction says she will ship within 2 days of receiving payment.
      I also have an Alice - so I am very happy to get this boy to pair up with her.
    6. Dezarii Thank you so much for this info!!!

      Do they suggest a body/resin match for these two heads?
    7. The Bertram head is recommended for and shown on a normal skin SD13 body. :)
    8. Yo!

      I sent them an email. Actually you can purchase it from overseas and the will ship on December 10th. Better hurry and order.

      Below the reply I receive from them.

      Dear Rodick

      My name is Atsushi Inomata producing Alice in Labyrinth.
      Nice to hear you, and very happy to be interested in our work by people in other countries.

      Now we are accepting advance orders and will be able to start shipping from December 10 in order of receipt.

      We can sell only their no make up heads. And you have to pay for the carriage and some payment fee with the head's price. It's O,K?

      You can pay by PayPal. When you give us order and let me know your address, I inform you the details of payment.

      Please contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

      Talk to you soon. Thank you.

      Alice in Labyrinth
      Atsushi Inomata

      I'm gonna place order soon. He's beautiful. XD
    9. Do they speak english?

      I bought mine with a BIN but its good to know they ship internationally. I looked in their shop and it seemed as if they didnt, that's why I didn't even bother putting my order through them, besides the fact that i didn't think they spoke english*_*.

    10. Surprisingly they did. O__O But they haven't gimme the price yet. Waiting for their reply.
    11. Atsushi Inomata's English is excellent! :)
      I sent an email in the format required and received a reply within 48 hours. Here's the price breakdown, which worked out to be $193 and change:

      Bertram head(no make up) 1 \18,900 JPY
      Postage \1,200
      Payment fee \850
      Total \20,950 JPY

      Merry Christmas, idrisfynn! :D
    12. they told me i should pay after 10 december tho?
    13. No need to wait until the 10th to send payment. :)
      I paid on the 3rd - immediately after I recieved the total - and Mr. Inomata just confirmed receipt. The heads will ship on or after December 10th.
      He also said:

      We are very happy to be interested in our work by people in other countries, and hope Bertram lives happily in your country.


      As it happens, I also just received my quote from Crescent Shop and the cost for one head through them was $234 instead of $193 direct.
    14. I've ordered direct the same way, cost to Australia is 20,950 JPY, so about 210AUD, for anyone interested.
    15. There's a discussion thread for Bertram [thread=180500]here[/thread].