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Alice in the Labyrinth - Daryl HEAD UP!!

Mar 11, 2008

    1. yeah i saw that too- so gorgeous! The size is throwing me off a little bit. I am completely in love with each and every head they release.:D I thought this might be the first AIL head i don't get, so i'm hoping for an MSD since mini doesn't really work for me.
    2. You mean tiny - yeh that would be sad. The head is too mature for a yo body and I don't like the volks yo body hand and knee sculpt.
    3. Awwww She so cute!!!!! Gosh, I'm not fond to children dolls but this one is a "must have" *sigh
    4. I think it must be an msd :) I think this face might hold her own with my hypers!
      I put this in the market place by mistake (in my excitement!) hopefully mods will move it to mini area soon!
    5. These Alice heads are AMAZING and I'm SOOOO hoping Daryl is mini sized. What a treat this would be. :) Also, I didn't notice a price for this new head. Hopefully info will be released soon. I'm VERY excited. :)

    6. She is amazing...I wonder if she really is 20 cm....a mini would be very cool.
    7. A Mini..or a Tiny...I'd kill for eiter. Just need to see the info :)

    8. 20 cm around the head maybe?

      I wonder what the best body would be? from what I have seen the makers head match to volks normal resin but not sure what else.
    9. I emailed the maker and asked about the size of the body she goes on. I read on her site all dolls are on Volks bodies. So its either a MSD or a yo. Prays for MSD!!
    10. I will take either size. I was thinking it might be 20cm tall (about 8 inches) at first, even better in Yo or MSD size. It it is MSD, I wonder how it would be on a Dollstown body?
    11. Oh that would be nice on the new dollstown body. Is one of the dollstown skin options close to volks in tone? If so it may be possible would need to know the head steam width around too.
    12. she is adorable .. a mini Alice I think. the 20 cm is confusing, is she 8", Sei are 9.5" what volks body could she be on .. I think Treelore might be right 8" around the head sounds better.
    13. Yeh Ravendolls gave me the 8 inches around the head enlightenment :) Yes I think she is MSD !!

      I can't help wonder what the new MSD's she makes will be like maybe younger versions of the other heads as this one looks like alice to me.
    14. Such a beautiful face.....she will make a wonderful little sister for my AiL Chloe that arrived yesterday.....I'm saying 20cm size head = 8inch = MSD size....Yay....She should look really good on the Oriental skin Dollstown 5 or 7 body...I put Chloe on a Dollstown 13B normal skin body the AiL resin is just a little pinker in tone.......I'm so looking forward to Daryl.....she will look good with my pouty babies Seola, Ganga and Mari too......

      Edit: Awwwwww she's only a Tiny size......that's no good for me.........never mind...maybe AiL will make a MSD size one day soon..............

    15. Oh do you have pictures of your Chloe on her new body? in regular daytime light.
    16. I am still a little confused, is it a Yo or an MSD?
    17. MSD - but more pictures will be up tomorrow I would think under the gallery and also I emailed her to confirm I will update here when I know for sure, I also asked if she is on a volks MSD body.
    18. I agree I like the Dollmore Mini body!! such a cute shape. I know its a bit taller than Volks MSD's.