Sales Promotion * Alice's Collections * 2018 Spring Event

Apr 4, 2018

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      Hi Dear,

      Alice's Collections 2018 Spring Event is beginning:
      The cute DF-A Pet doll MiaoMiao at only USD19.90 or USD9.90 for qualifying orders.
      Please see event details here...

      New Army Uniform & New SPO outfits are just added, there's 5% discount for them till Apr.20th:
      These outfits can be custom-sized for your doll.
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    2. Do you sell dolls who are currently in stock? :love
    3. They don't have tons, but if you go to the website, the second choice down in the categories section is Dolls & Heads In Stock.
    4. Oh just found it! Thx a lot :XD:
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    5. Do you have layaway?
    6. Yes they do, generally you need to e-mail them as they don't have it available during the checkout process. Alice's collections will do a 3 month lay-a-way with you.