Update * Alice's Collections * New Outfits + USD1 Eyes Event

Apr 10, 2017

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      Hi dear,

      Alice's Collections is having a Special Offer starting April. 10th.

      USD1 eyes or USD1 eyes+eyeglasses available for qualifying orders, please click here to see details.

      Many New Outfits are added, these 6 new outfits can be custom-sized for your doll, and there's 5% discount for them till April. 31st.

      Have a great and lovely new week :3nodding:
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    2. You say that "Event b. c. d. can be applied together", but I'm unsure as to exactly what that means. If an order meets multiple qualifications listed in the event, would we be able to receive more than one pair of eyes with the event price? For example, if I were to buy both $100+ in accessories and a 40cm doll, would I be able to purchase two pairs of glass eyes for $1, or just one pair, since it's the same order?
    3. If your order includes $100+ in accessories and a 40cm doll, you can enjoy free shipping + two pairs of USD1 eyes.:lol:
    4. Awesome!! Thank you for the clarification!
    5. Hello and sorry, I'm not sure I'm asking it in a proper thread... I'm going to participate in current Dollzone event via Alice's collections. Do I only need to add to my shoplist my order and event gift? Or there is something else I should do?