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All Boys or all Girls????

Apr 14, 2010

    1. I have a question for those of you that own only boy dolls or girl dolls. I only own boy dolls and have always wanted it that way, but recently I have been feeling tugged at by some girl dolls, now I am wondering if I should take the plunge and get a girl doll. I really love the new Ran that is coming out and have always loved Luna...but I am afraid to take the next step. I guess I am afraid that adding girl dolls to the mix will change everything for me. Has this happened to anyone else???? :?
    2. I have only ever owned girl dolls, so I can't really say if adding one of another gender will mess with your funk or not. :lol: But I can say I have been extremely tempted by a few boy dolls before. Though in the end I never get them and at this later point I'm glad I didn't, since now I don't want a bunch of dolls, I just want twin girls.

      I think part of it was when I originally entered the hobby in 2008 I saw a lot of gorgeous girl dolls, then I wanted a bunnnnnch of girl dolls, then saw a lot of boy dolls and wanted a couple of them too. :sweat So back then when I wanted them, I think I mostly wanted them because other people had some really cute ones.

      Since then I've branched off into liking my own things, I'm not so easily swept up by what everyone else has and how much I like it. That might be the case with you, too. But I don't know, you may just like both boy and girl dolls. ;)
    3. I prefer girl dolls and I currently have only one boy. If a boy doll I liked hadn't have come along it would still be all girls :)

      You may find that if you get your girl, you will be content to have just one and spoil her. If you don't like the idea of adding a girl to your boys then don't buy her ;) I am perfectly content to just have one boy (the other boys I like, SD17 Alain and DS Bernard, are a bit too expensive for my budget) and I spoil him, he's definitely the prince of the house, but I can't deny I generally prefer girl dolls more.
    4. I definitely love the males more but have fallen for some beautiful female sculpts but don't own any girls yet. NOt sure if I ever will.
    5. Boys, I definately prefer boys. Though I did get a girl some months ago. But she's not just like most girls. Anje has a great personality and I just love her smirk. The model isn't named Charisma for nothing I guess ;). She's a no-nonsense type of girl, adventurous and fearless (except when it comes to thunderstorms). She and Shinta are a couple now.
      I am having ideas for boy-characters and they'll be singers too. Adding a tenor and bass will add to the SATB quartet which will be great for music-photostories :). I'm hoping to find a blackskinned Drow-elf someday to fill the tenor spot and team up with a Swedish bass wearing neat outfits with fur like vikings. They'll probably become a gay fantasy couple which would be neat. Imagine a male drow elf escaping his matron in search of the arms of a strong man for comfort ;)
    6. Nine out of ten of my planned dolls are male ^^; I'm not even sure that I'll end up getting the one girl doll, even though she's supposed to be twin to one boy. I might just make him a twin brother, instead, I'm not sure yet. I'm worried about her because I don't get that "Ohmigawd, I love this sculpt" feeling with her as I did all the other planned sculpts. I feel like I won't like her as much as the boys, but I'll just have to figure that out on my own, later on. She's not planned for another year or so, so I got time ^_^
    7. Both. I like boys and girls.

      But at the moment I have only boys...
    8. Thank you so much everyone for all your responses! I don't know why I am having such a struggle with this. I guess if it is such a stuggle, then maybe girl dolls just aren't for me. Owning boys and coming up with characters just came so easily to me... I am very content with my current family as well. i guess time will tell.
    9. I would say get the girl. If she doesn't fit then sell her and stick to boys. There's no harm in seeing. Who knows, you may really like having a girl around. I've got both girls and boys and I don't think I could ever stick to one or the other gender.
    10. Some of my friends who collect BJD have only boys or only girls, but I have both male and female dolls and I love all of them ^^ I like very much the possibility to have many dresses, shoes and accessories for my girls, because my boys are MSD and tiny and is difficult find many good things for them ><
    11. I have only girls right now, but in the past I've had boy dolls and totally adored them! In general I do prefer girl dolls... but I think it's because I live with two messy, noisy, clumsy real-life boys and don't need to deal with the male gender in resin form also!! XD

    12. At the moment I've got one girl (but her sculpt is androgynous so I guess it's like cheating) the other 5 are boys. i do love my boys but really want some females to join them even if my boys are pretty feminine! I wanna make girly clothing too!
    13. I started off with only girl dolls, and with plans to only HAVE girl dolls. And then one of my pukis decided he was male, and it was downhill from there. I never planned on getting any anatomically male dolls, either, but I got a MNF Ruth in a trade, and he just... demanded to stay, straight out of his box. Right now, I have one Realpuki male, two Pukipuki males, a Minifee male, a DollZone Christmas Baby boy, and a SOOM Afi who is also male. My female count consists of a Pukipuki female, a Pukifee female, a Littlefee female, a Minifee female, and a Unoa female... this makes my ratio of males to females 6:5!

      So much for no boys! They now outnumber the girls!!
    14. I thought I'd get only boys, then I found a girl sculpt I loved just like OP, so I didn't have any problem buying her. I say if she calls to you, don't worry about the gender. Plus, it's fun to buy stuff without worrying what gender it's for, since you have both!
    15. Well, there is one particular girl that is calling to me at the moment...but maybe I am just caught up in all the excitement of her re-release. I guess I am just afraid she is not going to fit in with the rest of my clan.
    16. I'm planning 8 girls and 8 boys.
    17. I have all boy dolls, and I'm not really sure why! I guess for me, I just find their moulds more attractive and stuff, they just 'speak' to me more, I guess. Most of the characters I make up end up being male, so that's part of it, too. So, I do like some of the female moulds, but not enough. BUT. If I ever end up making a female character, and it matches with a mould I like, I'd go hog wild with it and buy it and see what happens. New experiences doll-wise are cool, and kind of fun to work with.
    18. I'd say: take moment to think about how much you would like her on her own. Think about how much fun you'd have with a girl doll, doing things that you'd think would suit this girl doll. If you think you'll have fun with her or love her because of the way she is, take the chance and buy her. If you think it's just the looks and excitement, take a few weeks or months and see if you still like to have a girl doll by then.
      You can enjoy a doll regardless of what other dolls you have. I have all sorts of different BJDs and my dolls don't need to "fit" in the group. I like them individually, although I do like to pose and photograph them together. That's why I said try to think about how much you would like the doll on her own. If you don't really like the doll to begin with, she'll never truly fit in.

      If you have an all boy collection and add one girl, she'll be so lucky with all the attention. ;)

      I have a mixed group with girls, but far more boys. My first doll was a boy and my second was a girl, because I like making dresses and skirts and I didn't want to crossdress my boy. Girl dolls don't often interest me. When I first saw a picture of the head of my first girl doll I thought it was a cute boy, but it would make a nicer girl and then I happily discovered she's actually a girl doll. :sweat.
    19. I had all girls until recently :3
      I was a little worried about getting a boy, but it worked out fine for me :D I'm sure you'll do just fine adding a girl to the mix. If you don't like her, you can always sell her to someone who will :)
    20. So I have decided to take the plunge.....now that I have my perfect boy family, I will be adding 3 girls in the future. I have decided I would like Volks, Lorina, Miruku and Mihmi. Now off to start saving!!!!! :lol: