ALL Iplehouse EID woman discussion thread

Dec 24, 2009

    1. Nice to have a new thread! I can't have enough of other people's EID women. (By the way, Pam, I think my last pre-vacational PM about my Jessica's comission outfit got lost somewhere XD. Should I re-send?)

      I've recieved my Luna some days ago; even if she was supposed to be a boy, I am still surprised of how... boyish she looks when unpainted! I will post pics of him soon, when I can give him a decent face up (I have no luck with natural looks, it seems). Gosh, Luna's head is -small-! Wich wig size do other owners put her in? I think she may fit in 7'5, she is that small...

    2. Re send as I don't remember getting it!

      I have my gal in a 7-8 but I don't have the Iple head on's a Ylisande head.

      I should have my newest shoes by early next week so I can take pics of everything I have that fits her.
    3. My Iplehouse Jessica should have arrived before Christmas but she got delayed in Customs...argh! :(

      Good news now though, she's scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday...can't wait!

      I've heard that 7"-8" wig size is good on the EID ladies but needs to have a stretchy wig-cap.
    4. I would say that my luna has smaller head than my jessica... believe me, it is really tiny! And, as I suspected, luna looks her best on 14mm eyes, instead of the 16mm she is given as default. Much more focused look, and way more adult.
    5. I was going to order a Jessica but seen their announcement about not doing custom face up or blushing...Can anyone tell me if this is just temperary and when they may start doing it again? Im getting itchy for Jessica!
    6. I think it's only temporary so they can get through the Christmas rush quicker and they don't suffer from a huge backlog of orders. You could post up on the Q&A and ask about it, but yeah, I personally think it's only temporary but I'm not sure when they're going to start accepting custom face ups/blushing again.
    7. Thanks, just wondered if anyone else had asked them before I asked them on their q and a! I imagine its temporary...itll give me more time to save up!
      Can anyone tell me if its worth getting the mobility joints or not for Jessica? My girlfriend has them on her Tatiana and it seems to make her sit up better.
    8. I definetely use 7/8 wigs for my Jessica, the 8/9's fall off. I don't have Luna, but I thought my friend that has her uses 7/8 wigs on Luna as well.
    9. checking the order status on my WS Luna daily. Can't wait til she ships. I ordered her with the large bust. I know folks will think I'm weird for saying this, but I think the large ones have a much more natural shape to them (more teardrop/pear shaped than orange balls on her ribcage).
    10. I agree ^ I do like the shape of the larger bust and think it looks more natural and looks great alongside her hip width. The medium bust is great too, and makes her look more athletic somehow?
      Im sort of thinking of getting the mobility joint now...
    11. I used to have a Cocori and Tatiana, both with mobility joints. I never had a problem with them. I never really noticed any great improvement in posing either though. I ordered my girl without because her legs (well her whole body) are gorgeous and I didn't like the way the line of the mobility joint broke up the mile high curvy view. :sweat
    12. Thats what I was thinking, that it might spoil the look. Can anyone point me to some good pictures of posing with and without the joints?
    13. awwww, we can't have a Jessica-only thread anymore???

    14. There's always the Jessica Database if you want a private Jessica club. :)

      It's been a while since I've looked at the Noctarcana Circus stuff, and with their server down I can't go look. What other EID women are we expecting right now, if any?

      I'm setting money aside and praying for an EID woman in dark brown/ebony.
    15. oooooooh, baby! A Jessica paradise!

      thank you, Wotan!
    16. I'm pretty sure someone asked Iplehouse whether there was going to be an ebony/black EiD girl to go with the EiD sword guy (sorry, can't for the life of me remember his name right now!)... and Iplehouse said they were, indeed, going to release an EiD girl like that.

      I wish Iplehouse would set up the new website for their Noctarcana Circus dolls, I love reading all the dolly profiles over there and speculating who the other 'shadowed' figures are going to be on the main NC webpage.
    17. I was wondering myself about a dark skinned EID woman, it just has to be done!