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All the ~30cm (1/6) Mature Tinies Out There!

Dec 14, 2007

    1. I started out by asking if there are any other mature 30cm tinies in addition to the Soom Mini Gem and the Limhwa ToYou. Here's a list with links to of some of the companies that carry a mature 1/6 BJD-line. My interest was sparked by at least the Mini Gem's ability to use Barbie-sized clothes and props, thus making shopping for them quite easy.

      Thank you AreeElf, Carolyn.S, Affinite (more than once! :D) and Naiara for the information! :) A list of exact measurements can usually be found on each company's item description.

      • Souldoll Soul Little, 27.5cm (Jandi, girl, with the new double jointed body), 28cm (Vivi and Metel, girls, 'old' body) and 29cm (Kimmy, boy)
      • Limhwa ToYou, 27 cm, French resin
        , occasionally show up on the Market Place
      • Unoa Light (Version 1) (link to DoA discussion with pics), 25cm (Fluorite, girl) and 27cm (Azurite, boy)
        , occasionally show up on the Market Place
        - Unoa Light FAQ, a thread on DOA
      • Minoruworld Junior, 33cm, molds: Leila. A more traditional BJD-type girl with an option for a more mature Blossom Body
    2. There are several but the others are not 30cm. Soom Minigem is the largest by far.

      This is a Photoshop mockup I did of the first group of mature 25-30cm dolls:
      Barbie (for comparison), Limhwa ToYou, Roxy Becy, Soul Little Metel, Soom Minigem Uyoo

      Limhwa ToYou is no longer sold
      Roxy Becy has be replaced with shapelier Roxy Pandora, Miriam, and Yohimbin(boy)
      Souldoll still sells Soul Little Metel, Kimmy (boy) and newer Vivi and Jandi
      Soom has many Uyoo types and has added Aren, Sosie, and elves

      I think my favorites other than ToYou are Soom Sosie and elves, and Souldoll Jandi (just wish her breasts were smaller).

    3. There's also Unoa Lights, Azurite (boy) and Fluorite (girl), which are close to this size range, but they are only sold second hand now as far as I know. You can still find them from time to time in the marketplace.
    4. I know shes not super mature,
      But she is 30 cm.
      Has hips and boobies.

      Thing is she just fits my other dolls better then the more barbie like dolls.

      My minoru world junior:


      • x 1
    5. I just thought I should tell you that the link you provided for the Unoa Light discussion is actually about the newer, now off topic, vinyl Unoa Lights. So, I ransacked the search engine and managed to dig up this. :)

      Thread with Pictures: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152511

      FAQ Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5809

      And if we're counting Minoru World Leila, I wonder if you would also like to include the Customhouse Little Juniors? They are around 35cm, I think. You can find them here: http://dollsandfriends.com/customhouse.html

      EDIT: And also this, I checked out the Notdoll Lab site today, (I've been eyeing Yohimbin lately) and it looks like they've done a bit of re-sorting. The link you've given now leads to a Lucy(and similar tinies)-only section, and there is a new section called "Symposion" for the mature tinies, so you may want to check it out and change your link. Just thought I should let you know :)
    6. The Custom House Little Juniors do have quite a mature body, however they all have baby faces.
    7. Thank you, this is great help! :fangirl: I'll make the changes as soon as possible. And the Unoa Light thing, well, lets just put it on me being a complete newbie on the mature tiny arena... :doh

      It's hard to draw the line with the 'mature' minies, I guess everyone has different ideas of what mature means. I personally think of them as being quite realistic (hence ruling out the ones with child-like faces and so on), so I would probably go with Stella Maris on this one and rule out the Little Juniors... There are, however, as many different tastes and opinions as there are people who like BJDs, so I hope I'm not insulting anyone if I leave them out of the list in my first post! :(
    8. Little Juniors are no longer categorized as Tinies on DoA due to the Male's 38cm size than the owners' desire for them to be with the Minis.

      However, I left them in the Tiny Size chart.

      I love Minoruworld Junior Leila - she's a sweety. not in the Barbie size/shape group but in a cute size spot for a slim girl.

      Comparison photo of Leila with Unoa and 25-26cm child tinies:

      Heightwise, the more Barbie-shape tinies range from the height of Bambicrony (Pandora/Miriam size) to 1/2 way between YoSD and Leila height (Uyoo size) but the Barbie-shape ones have smaller heads and are slimmer.

    9. Is there any new male 30cm doll?
    10. As far as I know the only males are Soul Little Kimmy 29cm and Roxy Yohimbo 26.5cm. You could check Soom minigem and see if they have done a boy.

      Also one note - the recent vinyl Unoa lights are only allowed to be discussed in that newer Unoa Lights discussion thread in Tinies - they cannot be discussed elsewhere on the forum - see moderator posts in that thread for whatever the exact restrictions are (i.e if they can only be shown in the gallery if with an allowed BJD, etc).

    11. also btw, in your list it says that Limhwa ToYou is french resin, but that's not so, she was never made in french resin, it's Urethane Resin :)

      when i came into the bjd world ToYou was the first i fell in love with, and i was lucky enough to find her here on the forum because she was already discontinued then. and i'd recommend for anyone who likes her to try and find her here in the marketplace or on ebay, they do not come up so often but once in a while, and they are just lovely! :aheartbea
    12. Again, not super mature, but like Banji dolls, I like them when they look like spunky little teens. I'm talking about Narsha dolls. Again, not Barbie like at all, more like a mini really (looks great with minis too) but thought I'd post 'em here since I love em and want to spread the desease :D They also come in boy and girl.

      Anyway, am I going too fast? or has anyone mentioned these FMD dolls from Dollmore
    13. Would the PlanetDoll mini girls fit this category? They are a bit smaller than Barbie, but mine wear some Barbie clothes, and I definitely think of them as 1/6 in size.
    14. I'm assuming those dolls from Dollmore are off topic, Ingie, seeing how the 16" ones are too :?
    15. Thanks for the size comparison Carolyn.S, that is SO helpful. Man I wish they were still making the Limhwa dolls, I love their body type with the smaller breasts. I'm about to get a SoulLittle; the only thing throwing me off is the boobies! They are so big...
    16. I don't think anyone has mentioned Dolkot's Fairy sized doll Peya. She has a mature body but i don't know her size might be to small for this disscussion. She is only 20 cm.
      she is at: http://dolkot.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20081022124324 if anyone wants to check her out.

      I thought about getting her but i think it might be kinda hard to find wigs and clothing for her. The wigs on thier webpage don't look like they are made very good.
    17. do we have any little boys dolls (29 - 30 cm) for the Planet doll mini's yet, they are looking for some friends.
    18. Planetdoll has a boy now; check their website.

      Edit: Don't know if he's a mini yet, but I bet they'll make one soon.
    19. Just some extra info on the Minoruworld juniors sculpt. Leila isn't the only one, you also have Clare and Minoru which can be both boy or girl. In addition you also have Ted, which is more of a boy-ish boy.

      I know Leila is by far the most popular, but the others are such cuties too and needs to get some mentioning at least ;)