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Allergic reaction to resin?

May 30, 2005

    1. I have this rash on my arm...(Linked to pictures because it's pretty gross looking :oops:) I can't figure out what it is. It doesn't look like the rash I get from the sun, and started a day or two before I was in the sun for the Houston doll meet. (That was fun, by the way!) I remembered that I had been sanding and blushing Cayenne around the time the rash appeared. Have there been any cases of a severe skin reaction to Volks resin? Thanks so much. Pictures coming later; my dad's taking me to Home Depot to get wire!
    2. When you were sanding your doll, were you wearing latex gloves?

      The allergic reaction you had sounds like the reaction my skin has to latex.
    3. I didn't wear gloves at all... :cry:
    4. ooo hun you think your alergic to the resin?? Yikes. Err, if you thnk it may be that...put your baby down and go to the doctor.

      I've never heard of a reaction to resin, but this is a farily new hobbie in the US...so who knows.

      You think it could have been something in the apoxie sculpt you used on her face?
    5. The rash came way after I had done all my sculpting, but started several hours after I started my 3-day sanding, blushing, and coating adventure. It's possible it's something else, too....I'm allergic to so much. :| Can't afford the doctor right now, but I'll eventually go, sometime this summer.
    6. I think it is possible that you are either allergic to epoxy or to Mr.Super Clear, since their fumes are rather toxic.
      I'd suggest you to take several showers with fresh water (using only mild soaps) and to drink a lot of water.
      It helps a lot in getting rid of allergens more quickly and easily.
    7. I had an allergic reaction when I was sanding my doll too. It was red and kinda like a rash, but it itches really bad. I didn't wear latex gloves at the time. Now I know to wear it and a mask you put over your nose and mouth so you don't breath the resin. Just wash the area clean with soap and warm water and put cortisone, it should reduce the itching. Different people get different kind of reaction, but if it looks really bad, go to a doctor to make sure.
    8. Whatever it is, try to get to a doctor if it doesn't go away. A couple of years ago, my mother had a mild rash on both of her arms. It seemed like no big deal, so she tried treating it on her own, but after a month or two, it turned into a monstrosity: lymph-filled cysts that covered over half of her forearms. It was red, itchy and painful, and she wore long sleeves all summer. She still has some faint scars from it. And we have no idea what caused it.
    9. Yes, I think I'm allergic to resin too - only I had breathing problems and a really swollen throat, not a rash. (just from cutting into the resin with a knife, not even sanding!) So now I wear a mask, and it's okay, but that was a little scary... ^^;;

      Cortizone ought to help a skin rash, but if you want more info, check this site: http://dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/epoxy-allergy.html
    10. *****n/a*****
    11. Resin dust is toxic so it's always best to wear a mask (and work outdoors if possible). I wouldn't be surprised if it caused allergic reactions in some people either.
    12. most likely you are allergic to resin
      i'm terribly allergic to resin
      i found out when i was trying to anime garage kits many years ago
      its itchy, terribly irritable feeling, and red skin
      my reaction goes away, but it may very to others

      once i was talking to a... i forgot what he called himself (mold maker?),
      but he made like sculptures and structures for themeparks
      he was telling me that resin in its powdered form is more reactive
      especially because it can get airborne

      i'm ok with resin in its solid form (resin is in a lot of things just like plastic),
      but when sand, it becomes powder,
      and can get a reaction
      (practically everybody can once its in its powdered form)

      i'm also allergic to rigid poly-urethane
      have to sand outside with gloves on
      and i wear a apron too
      because the powder dust gets everywhere just like resin
      once i'm done, i go bath and wash up right away
      the irritation gets real bad
      i would take the same precautions with resin
    13. Yeah, I sanded the very first SD I got without using the wet sanding method. ( It was years ago, there wasn't much info about it at that time). I wore a mask, but my face became covered with red, itchy blotches. Now I always clean my dolls in water...
    14. Eeps..scarlet, that sounds exactly like what I had last Fall. Mine ended up all over my legs and arms, and I even had a fever of about 101º. (My normal body temperature is around 95º.) I probably am allergic to Mister Super Clear....Luckily, I do have the prescription cream for allergic dermatitis, because I get it from dish soap, certain laundry soaps, fabric softener, some lotions, sunscreen, the sun, this one acid that nearly every plant produces in its leaves-- lots of stuff. :oops: Even 24kt gold makes my skin flake off and bleed. I'll keep putting the cream on the rash and see if it gets any better. Thanks for all the help, everyone! :D
    15. What I heard sounds terrible, indeed! :o

      Now I don't think I'll ever find the courage to sand my FCS boy myself anymore, since I also am allergic to many things.

      Now I'm wondering why, if resin dust falling on our skin is so toxic, we don't have the same allergic reactions when we touch our dolls with bare hands...
    16. I just wanted to know, has anyone ever ordered a doll and when the doll arived had a horrible allergic reaction? If so can the doll be coated for protection or does it have to be given up? If allergic to one would the person be allergic to all resins the doll companies use(hmm probably would).
      Oh no, what if you had to give up the whole hobby:o
      I don't know if I'm allergic to resin(I don't have a doll yet:( ) I'm just currious and I worry alot.
    17. Some people are allergic to flakes of resin if the doll is sanded or resin that has not set yet.

      I don't think you have to be worried about the hard resin after it's set though.
    18. Actually resin dust is toxic to everyone.

      I'm not sure if it's possible to be allergic to resin, I've never heard of it before. I'd doubt that if anyone was allergic that they would be in the hobby that long.
    19. Since the resin on finished dolls doesn't release any products, such as dust or liquids or anything that could enter your system (except when you sand it), I don't think there is anything to be allergic to... :sweat

      I haven't heard about any cases of allergies...
    20. I've heard of people with resin allergies.

      It's possible to be allergic to anything, so I'd believe it.