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ALM Doll

Aug 6, 2018

    1. I can't find anything on DoA about this new doll company featured on Alices Collections - but I have gone from not being interested in tinies to desperately wanting 'Blueery' :aheartbea

      Terrific price at the moment plus free faceup! ALM 1/6 : Alice's Collections
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    2. Oh wow, Blueery is adorable! I'm wondering what kind of body jointing they have, are there any body pics?

      Edit: Nevermind, found it! >.<
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    3. Agreed. Clowns aren’t my thing, but I also really like Dolores.
    4. So did anyone ever order? They're really cute, but I'd like to know the wait time, if possible. There's no clue on Alice's Collections, and Alm Doll doesn't seem to have its own website.
    5. I just saw this thread while looking for information on this company. I just ordered a 1/6 Margaret fullset two weeks ago and took advantage of their free faceup event and discount. I will post wait time and quality when I get her :) unless someone posts first.
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    6. I ordered Solanum at the end of December, with no faceup :)
    7. Did your order arrive yet? Wonder what the wait time is.
    8. @ClowCards , no not yet. I will post some photo when he arrives :)
    9. I created a waiting room for ALM and will post there when the doll comes in soon. Just got shipping notice, so not long now
    10. I got my Solanum today! (On a boys body, which I was sort of surprised about lol) ((Pink skin))

      First impressions are overall good. He came with a faceup, and I ordered him blank because I do not care for the company faceup, which is kind of a bummer. I immediately took the eyelashes out because they were massive and weird . He was wearing undies and came with the shoes from the promo photos.
      He also came wrapped in like a baby blanket instead of a doll cushion. ALM apparently stands for Angel Little Monster, thats whats written on his headplate and box:XD:

      The website said 12mm eyes which is not true. He came with 10mm, and the 12's I put in are too big, as you can see. Quite a good poser though! The double joints have a pretty good range, and he holds poses well, Here he is standing on one leg


      I hope everyone else whos ordered gets their dollies soon!

      I'll post some more photos once ive redone his faceup.
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    11. I am very surprised on how well I like the doll :D my Margaret was shipped jan26 and still waiting for her to get here T.T
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    12. Here he is with a little more subtle faceup, and some 10mm eyes :)
      @ClowCards I hope you get your girl soon!
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    13. @Cydril Wow, what a difference a faceup makes!! I can't wait to see more owner photos! :D
    14. I really do love the chubby cheeks that ALM has. I just ordered Aquaria MSD as a fullset and still waiting for my yosd Margaret. Still sitting in the same place T.T
    15. I ordered Blueerry, in normal pink, in February and received her in three weeks! I didn't order the face-up but forgot that it was free and received one anyway. It's not what I had planned for her though so I still sent her off for a new one.
      I had also ordered the outfit and shoes and they are very nice.
      I took one picture before I sent her off. I'll post another when she gets her new face.
      [​IMG]"Before" picture, she's getting a new face-up by Nadine, on Flickr
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    16. Oo she looks gorgeous! Reminds me of antique bisque dolls :)
    17. Reviving this thread? Has anyone else ordered from ALM recently? I just ordered a Galahad yosd and it is "processing." I'll post when I have him. I ordered with faceup due to the free one, but without the outfit as I don't really want to do a Camelot recreation and the fact that he looks so much like my younger grandson. I ordered from Alice's Collections since I could order other stuff for dolls at one time.
    18. That's interesting, I got Blueerry because I thought she looked like my youngest granddaughter!
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    19. Very cool! My grandson has blue eyes & blond hair (will dress with blond wig) - he has Scottish bloodline.
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