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alternative hands for old volks sd13 girl body?

Feb 3, 2010

    1. hello!

      i'm sorry if this info is somewhere - but i can't find it...

      i am getting an old sd13 body in WHITE skin tone, to match my old white skin f-12 head.

      the hands on the old bodies are not my favorite, at least from the seller's photos.

      does anyone know of alternatives that would match - fit & resin tone?

      thanks for any help!
    2. The first choice would be white oldskin Volks, there are quite a lot still out there - exactly which hands does the old body come with? The SD13 girl standard, H09, or some other hands?
    3. hi quiet queen. i'm not sure of the difference of the hands you mentioned.
      here are the photos of the auction:



      thank you!
    4. A pair of H06 hands - how unusual! :o

      H09 are the SD13 girl "default" hands, for example:



      For other hands check out Angelden's FCS site

      The oldskin hands mechanics are quite different, I haven't a clue as to what hands would work with it.
    5. oh! so the H06 are rare or something? just curious, as i had to get this body through a middle-man because the auction was in Korean, so i don't know much about it.

    6. If not rare, at least unusual. They aren't the most popular hands... You should definitely keep the H06-hands for that alone, even if you switch to another pair as your default hands for the body.
    7. thanks quiet queen - i will definitely keep them. :)

      anyone else know an alternative? thank you!
    8. *bumping this* I am kind of curious what else might be around for this. I like being able to swap hands sometimes. :3
    9. [Edit: I just realised that I was scatterbrained and answered a completely different question. Sorry - let me try again!]

      The Volks SD13 oldskin mechanics differs from both the oldskin SD mechanics and the pureskin mechanics, so you probably wouldn't be able to put the oldskin option parts on an oldskin SD13 body, since the option parts were made for the SD mechanics.

      I don't know if the oldskin FCS ever offered other hands with the SD13 body than the standard H09... The body orphansparrow asked about above is a SD/SD13 hybrid.
    10. Just to clarify, though this is rather old - I did end up trying to switch hands on her, and even the Volks oldskin hands do not fit on her. It's because of the ball of the wrist. So I'm not sure if you'd be able to put any hands on this old body. Also, I ended up being rather fond of her unusual hands. I like them now. ^_^