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Am I the only one who noticed Dolti D option hands?

Dec 18, 2005

    1. I love it!!
    2. is there a company webpage? havent heard of that one yet XD
    3. And without the creative use of a toaster oven! BTW, he's got some pretty frightening grabby-hands, too ... more like "I'm gonna strangle you!" hands.
    4. Nono, those are Ka-meh-ah-me-ah hands.
    5. a hottie guy with scary pervert funny hands O.O...
    6. Wow... so, he's like the Lovelyhouse boys in the fact that he doesn't have a willy :P Weird, considering what a buff chest he has! It doesn't balance out XD Or maybe he's like Ken: built-in underwear... er... minus a very important bulge.
    7. wow... and I thought Els hands were scary. Those are down right homicidal. I'd be slightly afraid of a doll with those hands. *laughs* I know! Maybe he's having a heart attack from noticing the certain *cough* lacking *cough*mentioned earlier. XD
    8. Those "strangle"/"grabby" hands remind me of The Claw from Liar Liar xD
    9. XD yes! Kamehameha!!!!
    10. OMG... I WANT THE BIRDIE HAND.... And I wish he had a weenis. ;_;

    11. Thats the first thing I thought
      what a beautiful doll
      what amazing hands (what can I say I have Hound and Unoss ,I love hands )
      :crushed he has the body of a Barbie KEN !!!! WHY OH WHY :crushed
      Lovelyhouse was the same and I just couldnt bond with the body at all , so I know I would be the same with this one ..its just too sad
    12. ...Missing something?

      Apoxy (or something similar) to the rescue!! (If some people can make wonderful resin-matching elf ears or bigger boobs on BJDs, I'm sure some talented person can give him what he deserves to have!... XD
    13. Between the mask, and hands in question... Aside from the bird formation, that is... Ya gots to wonder about the personality of the doll... >.>

      "eeeeeeee.... Hannibal /Jason hybrid attack!!!"

      As to the lack of parts, one could always 'sand' the buldge down to ones desired 'shape(s)'. X3
    14. Actually. I kinda just want the mask..... hm.....*starts making things out of super sculpey*
    15. Yeah, whats up with that mask?

      Anyways...I LIKE THE HOMICIDAL HANDS, it makes me think of an Eva~
    16. Wow, he's a beautiful doll... And funky hands to boot. xD
    17. i love him.. but i've overspend this holiday season.
    18. Gah... The doll really is wonderful... But I would want him in white, and ....
      I would really have to adjust to the hips. I'm not too terribly fond of the hips. But man... I so do love the head, and hands. :P