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[AM/PM DOLL] New wigs on sall^^

Apr 28, 2010

    1. Hi,
      We are AM/PM DOLL, a newly opened wig shop in Taiwan. You can purchase Heat-Resisting wigs here which are made in Korea.

      For overseas customers, it�s welcome for you to pay by PayPal.
      Please mail your order to the following e-mail address: ampmdoll@gmail.com
      (Friendly reminder to overseas customers: Do attach your location in the order)
      We will reply you whether there is still stock or not and our PayPal account asap.

      We will inform you the freight after calculating the accurate weight of the goods.

      We have been giving our best shot in constructing the online shopping mall (http://doll-ash.com); sincerely hope you to visit our website in the near future.

      Thanks for your attention.


      More photos------->http://www.flickr.com/photos/ampmdoll/

      If you have any question,Please mail for us:3 ampmdoll@gmail.com

      Thank you so much:)
    2. My link isn't working to your site :(
    3. I don't think the website is finished... yet.
      You can use their flickr to see the products they carry, and PM the OP for price and shipping. :)
    4. Will the wigs be available in sizes other than 8-9Inch? I really love the look of ASH-01A, but want it for a Teenie Gem, which has a 6-7Inch head.
    5. To Ellanie~
      i'm so sorry that we cannot offer what you want, thanks for your question:)
    6. Boo. Too bad.

      Thank you though for the quick response and are there any plans for others sizes to become available?
    7. To Ellanie~

      By now, we only provide wigs of 8-9 inches (for 1/3); we may offer other sizes of wigs in the near future.
      Thanks for your question:)