Amadiz Mini dolls

Jan 3, 2020

    1. I thought to open a new thread for these wonderful dolls created by talented Russian-American doll makers. They are well know by their SD size dolls, amazing wigs, and beautiful outfits. For those of us, who admires much smaller dolls, these artists created a smaller version of their SD dolls. This line of MSD dolls called Lost Flowers. They have released one sculpt Minue, in both male and female bodies. The sculpt has two faceplates with open and closed eyes, and a variety of feet and hands.

      I am lucky to have my very own Lost Flower girl. I will take her pictures later, when there will be some sunshine. I hope that soon there will be more owners of these gorgeous dolls.

      Here are some links to their work.

      Amadiz Beauty (@amadizbeauty) • Instagram photos and videos

      Amadiz Beauty

      [​IMG]My new doll - Minou 37 cm by Amadiz Beauty, on Flickr

      [​IMG]My new doll - Minou 37 cm by Amadiz Beauty, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Sleeping Beauty by Amadiz Beauty, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Untitled by Amadiz Beauty, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Minou by Amadiz Beauty, on Flickr
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    2. So lovely! How much are these dolls?
    3. I took some pictures on the weekend. Just have to upload them on my Flickr.
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    4. Here are my two Lost Flower girls ( Minou ). The one with the sleeping face plate is on Trifonova doll body. I was lucky that her head fit nicely on the neck.

      [​IMG]IMG_4879 by ivdolls, on Flickr
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    5. @suok2011 oh, I love the sleeping one, she's so cute! Nice hybrid also!
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    6. Thank you @Rook_Sever. I am so happy that i can use both heads at the same time.

      Here is a close up on the sleeping face plate.

      [​IMG]IMG_4903 by ivdolls, on Flickr
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    7. @suok2011 awww, so sweet and tender - I am addicted to sleeping dolls, so I would love to follow you on instagram also, if you have it :3nodding:
    8. She is so pretty @suok2011 . You got your dolls fast.
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    9. Which size of head/neck will these dolls fit? They are beautiful
    10. @Chocolatebeagle, you can find all the information about these dolls on their website. It is very beautiful and user friendly.

      Here are the measurements for the girl's body.

      Body Measurements

      Height: 35.5 cm
      Weight: 360 g
      Head circumference: 12 cm (4-5 inch)
      Neck girth: 6.5 cm
      Shoulder width: 8 cm
      Chest girth: 16 cm
      Waist girth: 12 cm
      Hip girth: 17 cm
      Waist to toe length: 23 cm

      Arm length: 16 cm
      Upper arm girth: 4.5 cm
      Wrist girth: 3.8 cm
      Hand lenght: 3.8 cm

      Leg length: 20 cm
      Thigh girth: 10 cm
      Lower leg girth: 6.5 cm
      Ankle girth: 4.5 cm

      Flat foot length: 4.5 cm
      Ballet foot lenght: 5 cm
      Highheel foot hight: 3.5 cm
      Foot width: 1.8 cm

      Eyes: 6-8mm

    11. Thank you, Rhonda. I ordered my girl last summer, when they just announced about their new scale doll.
    12. Thanks!! How did I miss this!! She really is lovely
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    13. Congratulations. She is adorable!
    14. Almost every doll I've ever owned has worn an Amadiz wig at least once. The creativity and passion that these doll makers put into their craft is incredible. I've just recently noticed through their Etsy store that they're selling their own dolls and I've been captivated by them. They seem really poseable! I can see myself making a doll purchase from them in the near future.

      Also, when looking at the pictures, they look fairly large, but they're actually smaller; almost MSD, if I'm not mistaken?
    15. These doll makers are making their own SD and now MSD size dolls. They also make wigs and outfits for their dolls.

      The new line of MSD dolls is 35.5 cm tall.

      Here is mine Minou.

      [​IMG]IMG_4892 by ivdolls, on Flickr
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    16. Hi again.
      Could I ask you where do you get your clothes and shoes for your Minou girls and boys?
      I asked a few famous sewers on etsy and instagram for help sewing clothes for my girl but shoes are still a huge problem. Some bigger YoSD shoes could fit but it's always a lucky try T.T
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    17. They are stunning- the link to the website did not work for me, but found the artist on Etsy
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