Amadiz Studio: "Blossom dream" fashion collection release

Jul 15, 2016

    1. Amadiz Studio | Doll boutique has just released the limited collection of clothes for BJD.
      All clothes are PRE-ORDER: about 5-14 days to prepare.
      Available for sizes: Iplehouse EID, SID, nYID, Soom SuperGem, Feeple65, Feeple60, Lillycat Ellana/Lyse, Smart Doll.

      Unique clothing made of exquisite and delicate materials will complement the images of your dolls by elegant siluettes and trendy colors.


      Any product can be bought without a registration. All information about your order will be sent to your email.
      Free shipping is included.
      If you want to ask a question, feel free to contact us, please - [email protected]

      Thank you for your attention!
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    2. congratulations on your new collection. will you be making minifee size fashion items?
    3. The new collection is exquisite! Are the items in stock or are they made-to-order just like the wigs?
    4. Thank you for your attention to the collection!
      Our answers to your questions were sent for you as a personal message.