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New Doll [Amadiz Studio] Virginia - Fragile Beauty

Apr 27, 2017

    1. Tomorrow the sales period of limited BJD Virginia by Amadiz Studio will start.
      Virginia is a limited doll and it will be available for order from April 28 to May 29. Besides, only 50 dolls available.
      Sales will start at 6 pm Moscow time. Moscow time zone GMT + 3.​

      Virginia is a doll, which have a marvelous universal beauty. She can be various, harmonious and superb. Virginia can embody completely different images; she shines with her individuality and appeal. This BJD is a source of inspiration for her owner. Versatility of her appearance and extra-flexibility of her body can bring you lots of joy of creativity and owning this unique doll, made on a high level of detail.​

      We are glad to inform you, that first 10 customers may get a 10% Discount for a doll (in a case of full payment only; this code couldn’t be used with layaway option). Try to use a coupon code LUCKY10 to purchase this doll with a 10% discount and become one of the first ten lucky owners of Virginia by Amadiz Studio for a lower price.​


      Virginia has a height 60,5 cm on a flat feet and 63 cm on a high heel feet.
      This doll with extra-flexible harmonious body has lots of default and additional options, such as 4 different skin colors (Chocolate, Peach Cream, Bisque and Milky), 3 bust sizes, 2 types of hips (flexible or static), 2 types of hands (standard and expressive), 3 types of feet (flat feet and high heel feet are included to a standard order, ballet feet can be purchased separately), besides you may add a sanding service, make up and body blushing services to your order. In addition you may purchase the wigs (Virginia’s size is 8-9”), outfits and shoes for this BJD at our website.


      We offer a layaway system of 4 payments for 3 months as well. If you want to use a layaway option, please, use a coupon code DOLL_LAYAWAY and your 1st payment will be 25% only.

      You may find full and detailed information about Virginia at the doll’s selling pages on special subsections, such as Product Options, Product Info, Layaway Terms and etc.
      All information about a doll’s body you may find at our website at the page About Angels Body.

      Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions: [email protected]

      Amadiz Studio.
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    2. Sadly, the links seem not seem to work. I get nothing but blank, white pages.
    3. I am interested in seeing the outfits, but none of them show up in the fashion section? Will they be added later?
    4. Will there be pictures of the different breast sizes? Couldn´t find them in the body section. Thank you :)
    5. For technical reasons, the site does not appear on some devices.
      The doll will also be sold in our shop on Etsy. The doll will be added there a little later today.

      Thank you for your interest. All outfits and wigs from promo-photos will be added to the website today.

      Thank you for the praise, dear. We are glad to know your opinion.

      Thank you for your interest. This information about different breast sizes will be added to the page About Angels Body today. The same as an information about types of hips, hands, feet and skin colors.
    6. Dear Amadiz Studio!
      I was browsing your site when I saw 'Sarah, tanz der vampire' wig in the cosplay cathegory. I love the cosplay section and this cosplay is specially my fav. May you sell her dress in the future, too?
    7. Hello, dear. We have just sent you a message.
    8. She is so so pretty! I night have to break open my bank account and get her. I especially love the clothes. Are the clothes specifically for just her? Or could they fit on other dolls? Sorry if someone already asked this.
    9. Thank you for your kind words and your interest to Virginia, dear.
      The clothes are specifically for just her and fits for Amadiz Angels doll body with an opportunity to choose an item with a right bust size for Virginia.
    10. Oh wow, I love her body! Especially the ballett feet. Can you buy these feet seperately?
    11. Thank you for your comment.
      At this moment a customer can buy the ballet feet only as an additional option while ordering a doll. These feet fit only for Amadiz Angels doll body. And we do not sell the body seperately from the doll's head.
    12. Measurements?
    13. Yes, I second the request for complete measurements! Specifically, I would like to know the size of the neck! Thank you!
    14. @anapal and @StellaMarigold ... They are located on the dolls' sale pages

      Body Measurements:
      • Height (flat feet): 60,5 cm
      • Height (high heel feet): 63 cm
      • Weight: 1,5 kg
      • Wig size: 8-9"
      • Eyes size: 12mm-14mm
      • Neck size: 9,6 cm
      • Shoulder width: 11 cm
      • Breast size: 27,5 cm Small; 30 cm Medium; 31,5 cm Large
      • Arm length: 20 cm (26 cm with a hand)
      • Elbow to wrist length: 8 cm
      • Wrist girth: 5,5 cm
      • Waist girth: 19 cm
      • Hips girth: 30 cm
      • Torso length to the waist: 12 cm
      • Thigh girth: 17 cm
      • Leg length (Inseam): 33 cm
      • Crotch length: 21,5 cm
      • Crotch depth: 8 cm
      • Ankle girth: 6,7 cm
      • Foot length: 7,5 cm flat feet; 8 cm high heel feet
      • Foot width: 3 cm
    15. Thank you very much! I was looking on this page (Amadiz Studio | Doll boutique) since it seemed to have the most information about the (female) body.
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    16. Thank you very much for measurements :)
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