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Amadiz Studio

Apr 28, 2017

    1. I've been following Amadiz Studio for a while now admiring all the gorgeous wigs...and then came the ballerina Virginia with beautiful ballet feet! I've wanted a ballerina doll for ages, years and years actually. I missed out on the Peapod ballet feet and was sorry I never ordered any. But, the wait was fortuitous--this girl is just gorgeous and will be such a delight to costume and pose.

      I ordered her in milky skin with the white ballet dress, point shoes and the fragile beauty wig in a darker color combo of sandy and scandia.

      Now the waiting begins!
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    2. I'm glad you started this thread, LisaMarie, I have also been following the progress of Amadiz.
      I have several of their wigs and I purchased an Iplehouse doll from them which they had painted beautifully.
      Iplehouse bodies are very beautiful, but as soon as I discovered the posing ablity of the new Amadiz body I knew I had to have one of these fabulous girls.
      I have on order Virginia in chocolate, haven't decided on clothing/shoes yet. I loved their "rockstar" image.
      I do think that the milky skin girl is a gorgeous ballerina and I'll look forward to seeing photos of your lovely girl when she arrives.

      Does anyone on this forum own one of the older Amadiz girls, Magdalena?
    3. Hello painissimo--that's what struck me too. Did you order the flexible hips? I went for that even though the static hip is visually more appealing. My vision for Virginia is to be able to pose her in many dance positions so I wanted her full range of movement. I do like the look of the clean leg line and would like to order a chocolate or peach cream girl in the future with the static hips.

      Your chocolate girl will be lovely and I think she'll fit in beautifully with the Iplehouse girls. I'm looking forward to seeing pics when she arrives and how you develop her style.

      Wondering a bit about shoes--hopefully she'll fit into the high heels the other girls are wearing. It looks like the heel on Amadiz' site are very high but maybe that's because the heels on the shoes are so narrow?

      Anyhow, I've always wanted to try my hand at a traditional short pleated tutu. I've been crazy about ballet since I was a kid--alas I have no talent for dance. I've always admired dancers and have viewed ballerinas as amazing creatures since I was a little girl, drawing pictures and sewing costumes for Barbies. Virginia is a perfect model to continue on with.
    4. Well, I went for the flexible hips because I've no intention of displaying my girl undressed, LOL
      My Iplehouse girl (now rehomed) had static hips and although she had the most beautiful legs it was impossible to pose her seated elegantly.
      But like you, I love ballet but my smaller dolls (Popovy) are my ballerinas.
      I can certainly see Virginia as a ballerina, you will be able to pose her with ease by the looks of things.
      Shoes may be a problem, I thing Virginia's feet may be a bit wider than some SD girls.
      (I hate waiting for dolls ... aaaagh!)
    5. Well, we'll have to see about the feet. Hopefully they will work well enough in some of the SD16 shoes I already have. I don't mind the wait too much, I'm working on my Oasisdoll girls now, getting three of them ready for the BJD convention in Austin. When Virginia gets her she'll just need a face and she'll be good to go. Normally i make all the clothes for my girls but I knew I wanted my girls dressed as soon as she arrives, so I went ahead with ordering her as a fullset.

      Yes, these girls are going to be fun to pose and photograph.

      Your Popovy ballerinas sound lovely-- going to browse some of your posts to look for them. There are so many wonderful dolls coming out now in 1/4 scale, especially from the Russian artists, so graceful and elegant-gorgeous to look at.

      Just received the confirmation notice from Amadiz, so I expect her to show up the first week of August. Yay!
    6. wooo - wide feet, I think they are wider than SD16, but fingers crossed because there are so many beautiful shoes SD16 size.
      I think I'll have to order a pair of Amadiz shoes for my girl to start with anyway just to make sure she has some shoes!

      Oh so first week in August is the time is it? I'll get busy ordering some clothes then.
      I was so excited about ordering Virginia I forgot to tell George which face-up I wanted, LOL !
      #7 pianissimo, May 2, 2017
      Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
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    7. I ordered her in split, so I will only have the body. Ill hybrid her (if possible) with a YiD iplehouse Asa head. I cant wait to receive her and sew for her!! <3
    8. Hello,
      I'm really excited for the male body that they have, but don't have the funds to get it this summer. Hopefully they re-release him (different head or not) next year so I can get one. He's so beautiful. :(
    9. I agree... He is all my beauty standards for males ><
    10. Has anybody received a doll from Amadiz yet? The first one, Magdalena, was released quiet a while ago, if I recall correctly. I couldn´t find any owner pictures yet.
    11. I'd love to see owner photos too, I love BOTH Amadiz bodies!
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    12. I saw their new chap just a couple of days ago and I am painfully obsessed. Those feet! That tum! Oh my god! As someone who just doesn't do big eggbox-tum fellas (I find them impossible to bond with? don't know why?) it's so nice and refreshing to see a place deliberately go for a mature body that isn't Super Ripped and instead conforms to a less "typically masculine" beauty standard. Plus, like, I really love the Russian fashion/art doll aesthetic and I'm pleased to see Amadiz's body has some of that flavour. I don't doubt he'll be popular enough for a re-release.... at least, my currently broke ass hopes so...
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    13. I agree the new male angel is really interesting and different, while also being lush and very appealing.

      First I wanted all their wigs, now I want their dolls... *sigh* TOO MANY DESIRES
    14. I love this new sculpt, it's so realistic. Difficult to choose between girl or boy!
      It's a pity this doll has been released so quickly after the last one - I wish Amadiz would have waited until Virginia's buyers had received their dolls - without that feedback we really have no idea if this body and the resin quality are as good as they look on the promotional photos.
    15. Magdalena was released in late December 2016, if I recall it correctly. So far there are no owner pictures. So I assume nobody has received her yet. It would really interest me how long the company takes to actually deliver a doll after full payment.
    16. I do wonder if she was only ordered by Russian collectors ....
    17. Virginia's ordering terms state production time to be about 90 business days i.e. around 4 months.
    18. That's the theory :) I would like to know the real deal before I start thinking about ordering Yolande. But it seems that will be wishful thinking.
    19. They told me that she should be ready in september.