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Amare Dolls Discussion

Aug 26, 2016

    1. Hello and welcome! this is the discussion thread for
      Amare Dolls!

      Amare Dolls | Facebook
      i started making dolls 3 years ago and these girls are my newest bunch!
      the current dolls in the line-up are as follows:

      Millia, Nina, Tabatha and Delora



      Height with head 43cm
      Neck 5.8cms
      Chest 16.5cms
      Waist 13cms approx
      Hips 22cm (at widest point)
      Crotch to ankle 20.5cms
      Arm length 14.3cms
      Foot length 4.8cms
      Hip to ankle 24.1cms
      Thigh 12.3cms
      Ankle 5.3cm
      Wrist 4.2cms
      Arm thickness at widest point 5.5cms
      Shoulders 7.8cms
      Takes 6-7inch wigs

      feel free to ask questions and share pics of your cutie pies too!

      She is a limited release of 15 in the world.​
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      Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
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    2. Hi, guys <3 I officially own my very own Millia and she is precious in every way. I just got her a few days ago and I have a fairly large wardrobe for MSD girls, so I'll be posting pictures shortly and am happy to try and answer questions about clothes and wigs and other stuff <3
    3. Congrats on your Millia! :daisy I look forward to seeing pictures of her!
    4. Congratulations @PuffsxPlus! Millia is beautiful and I can't wait to see your photos. :D

      How is the clothing situation? Do most MSD sized articles fit her well, or is there a big discrepancy between her top and bottom half?
    5. Sorry about the slow reply! I forgot DoA was a thing for a minute there. All the slim msd tops and dresses (that are meant to be flowy on bottom) fit just fine. Regular MSD leggings are a good fit with a bit of wiggling, as long as they seem to fit normal msd girls high on the waist, because otherwise her butt will hang out! Haha
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    6. ahahahaha sorry for the builders bum XD
    7. [​IMG]Millie by Sam, on Flickr

      I did promise pictures, right? There will be more to come :) This is just the first I've finished editing!
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    8. A Delora head on a doll chateau adult body is currently second in priority on my dolly wish list. I also really like the Tabatha sculpt, but I don't really know what I'd do with her yet so I want to hold off.
    9. Your girl is lovely! <3
    10. i think Delora's head might be too small for an adult (SD) doll, the kid 01 should be fine though ^^
    11. I know it's a little weird, but I drew it out and I think it will look cool. The neck size will look fine, and because the adult body is so strange to begin with, the proportions should still be balanced.
    12. ohh ok! thatd be super interesting to see =D
    13. Heh, I actually changed my mind since commenting here. I still want a doll with that size of head on that body eventually, but I have another plan for the Delora sculpt (which I'm aiming to buy myself for Christmas now, I think.)
    14. oh? =0 can you share, or is it a secret ;D?
      i love hearing peoples ideas!
    15. Well, I originally had plans to make Delora a deformed Unseelie queen (hence, the strange proportions), but, then I thought your dolls would actually look really good in contrast to my dolls (I sculpt dolls too. I'm almost ready to cast my first one and submit her to approval.) so I wanted them to be apart of that "storyline"/"cannon" instead. My current plan is to have Delora on the K-Body-13, and the Tabatha head K-body-09, and have them both be little underworld creatures for my three SD (who are all sort of kind of ghosts, souls, it's complicated) girls.

      I don't know. I I'll probably own all four faces someday. There's something candid and organic about their expressions and I really appreciate that in a sculpt. Their bodies too, it's just I don't really buy doll bodies with no fantasy parts.
    16. oh that's soo cool! i cant wait to see them! i think tabatha would make an interesting spider.
      and thank you so much! that means alot to me!
      i do have fantasy stuff planned for my 2 upcoming bodies, so keep an eye out for that ^^
      (stuff like bats, cyclops's and pumpkins because i have so many OC's from my illustrations that are a bit spoopy haha, its an obsession~)
    17. My girl with her Tabatha head ^^ [​IMG]
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