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Amazon jp has a pic -Super Dollfie Perfect Catalog Vol 2

Jan 8, 2005

    1. Aww! They're so cute together!
      Shirou gave her his coat 'cause it's cold :3
    2. Aaaaah, cutest family photo ever. Shirou would be such a great big brother to have. x_X
    3. But didn't a Volks description say Shirou can be so mean to her that she confides in her kitty dolly?
    4. Perhaps, since Shirou has taken her kitty :crushed,
      Jun took his jacket !! :grin:

      ~ Jay
    5. Who doesn't pick on their little sister, though? (Speaking as a little sister myself who suffered a fair amount of torture at the hands of my big brother). You know not so deep down he loves her, and will defend to the death his right to be only one who gets to torture her ^_~
    6. VOLKS IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!! That pic makes me wanna get both Shirou and Jun so that she can have his coat and he can have his kitty and I'll be uber happy..... and uber broke.

      Must.. resist... evil.... temptations!!!!! >v<
    7. Ooooohhhh ... that's the first time I've seen the two of them together, they are so adorable!