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American Girl stuff: does it fit?

Nov 2, 2005

    1. What I want to know, is if you have any of the copious American Girl merchandise. What it is, and what it fits. Whether it be clothes, shoes, accessories or furniture, etc. And what it fits. (Is your doll a Huge? 13? SD? Mini? Tiny?)

      I signed up for their magazine (which I still get, despite never ordering anything from it.) I see lots of sstuff in there that would look good on my doll, but I also know that the 18" AG dolls are a completely different build. More babydoll-ish. Short and chubby.

      So if you have any expirience with AG stuff, could you tell me?

      P.S. I should have gotten those AG minis. They're PERFECT for elfdolls and tinies. T___T [/bitter]
    2. The clothes don't fit at all, unless it's the Hopscotch Hill outfits, then they fit MSDs... but not the shoes.

      The accessories though, are great for MSD sized dolls... and as long as its the stuff like notebooks or hand held accessories, they fit SDs pretty well too... I sit my SD13 in Felicity's school chair all the time, it works great. The beds are a little squishy for the larger dolls... and the only way to fit a Hound sized doll into one is to really squish him up, or have his legs dangle over the side... a lot XD

      They're awesome accessories though!
    3. Some of the clothes do fit the bigger dolls -- for a loooong time, my SD13-sized boy wore an American Girl T-shirt, and it fit him perfectly. :daisy They're taller than the AGs, though, so some stuff may be too short on them...full-length pants/skirts and such are about knee-length, I think. It should probably be done on a case-by-case basis, since it seems to vary a lot.
    4. Was the shirt baggy on them? For some reason on mine they always seem baggy... or too short... which is sad since there are so many unloved American Girl doll clothes laying around.
    5. It wasn't tight, but it didn't really bag either, it was more like just a loose-fitting shirt. It might just be because SoulDolls have wider chests than most dolls (although he's been able to wear other company's clothing, like Luts and Volks, without a problem). Here's a picture of him in it. (It's not a great one, sorry. :oops:)

      edit: He's also wearing pants that were made for an AG in that picture (not official merchandise, but I bought them from a doll store and the lady there said they were for an AG). You can see how short they are on him. XD
    6. I post about AG stuff all the time! In fact, I have AG on the brain 'cause I'm hoping someone near me could lend me a Molly or Samantha school desk and supplies for a photoshoot I wanna do...

      The accessories are great, especially for minis. Only minis can fit in the beds my Eron and Kirsten stuff, but Zalem's photo[/url], though. Kirsten's table settings and silverware seem big, but they still work.

      The only things I brought with me to college, though, were Kirsten's necklace, which has to be wrapped around the neck twice (it also can be used as a headdress or waist... thingie) and carpe bag. When I go back, I think I'll bring back her books.

      Eron's birthday, with lots of Kirsten stuff in it.

      I hear Hopscotch Hill isn't in the latest catalog. We're suspecting the line is being phased out. The clothes, except for the shoes, are a perfect fit on minis, so if you want any, better get them now!
    7. I use the accessories for my SD-sized guys all the time. Rei, I am embarrassed to admit, spent a great deal of time wearing an AG shirt and jeans (which looked like shorts on him.) while I was finishing his actual clothes. They were baggy on him, especially the pants, but the shirt fit very well through the shoulders. It was a bit short, but it didn't bother me too much.
    8. a lot of the baggy shirts just need to be taken in on the sides and then they fit pretty good. There are some off-brand AG clothes at Michaels for really cheap, that's where I got this coat for Arwen / Tomoyo:


      Actually FITS....sleeves are a little short though.

      Most would need to be taken in through ^^.
    9. I'm fortunate enough that my granddad and I MADE most of my AG doll furniture when i was little (aka he made it and I painted it) XD So things built sturdy in that scale work great!

      but as said...it really depends on what type of AG acessory, all of the funiture works for my SD size girls, and I've seen some pople mod the clothes to make them fit (but i want my AG's to wear their clothes)
    10. Bring some funiture next semester! XD I wanna play with it! :grin:
    11. In my experience, a lot of the american girl stuff is much too wide, but works with a bit of creative synching of tailoring if you're adventurous. But I've found that my old Magic Attic and Just Pretend doll clothes work quite well on Sofie (SD13). however, i think most of the AG accessory stuff should be about right for SD.

      I'd be curious if that new carriage for AG would be compatible with SDs, or if they would be too tall for it.
    12. What I'm looking at is Samantha, Kit or Mollie's desk. I'm just wondering if a nothing-but-leg SD boy would be able to jam his knees into it, or if he would look silly. The furniture looks so nice, but with the legs, it's so hard to tell.
    13. I have a pair of jeans and a tank top, plus a pair of black sandals. The sandals fit my SD10 girl body -perfectly-. I love them, they're probably one of my cheapest and most fave shoes. :D

      Here's a pic of Intaine in the AG jeans:

      And here she is "bending" in them.

      As you can see, standing up in the jeans is fine (they are capris style on SD girls), they fit ok, but do any bending, and your dollie is suddenly a plumber in training. 0_o

      Those are also the black sandals I mentioned earlier. They are SO AWESOME! They have a nice, stretch band in the back so you never have to undo them, and they do fit perfectly. :)

      Hope that was helpful.
    14. That pic of her going in the door is really cute. :P
      So does anyone have a pic of AG/mytwinn/whatever furniture/beds with their dolls? Or some of the weird things like wheelchairs? I wasn't planning to buy any at this time but I am very curious. I bought a mytwinn violin once, which was very nice (no logos ^^) but a little big for my girl. I think it was a good size for an sd13 boy, so I sold it. Later I found a smaller one for $5 at a garage sale :3

    15. I know girls can usually cram into it (has mollys desk) I think a boy would be a little cramped...I don't know b/c I don't have any boys, I just know they are a little bigger than the girls...If you wait until the 30th I could get some pictures of it for you....

      *_* But it's so big! It is SD sized XD

      remember, I carpool back with a girl who drives a VW Bug!
    16. What about hats? How big are AG heads?
    17. What about glasses?
    18. I have *heard* that glasses can fit, although I don't have any myself... not much help, but :wink:
    19. Here's my boy in Molly's glasses:


      They're quite big! ;)
    20. Thanks a bunch