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Update An Announcement from Asleep Eidolon - Warning about Copied Dolls!

May 30, 2009

    1. *8/25/09 - Please see post #11 for Update on Pirates using AE sculptors name.*

      *6/25/09 - Please see post #5 for Copied Dolls Update!*

      Asleep Eidolon has left a public announcement on their Chinese forum regarding people selling their dolls on eBay. The post can be found here:

      For AE's foreign market, the only authorized dealers are

      North America: Mint on Card

      Europe: Chantal's Dolls Alley

      Anyone selling AE dolls on Ebay is not an authorized AE dealer.
      For a safe and happy purchase we respectfully ask that customers please purchase from the official AE dealers.



      AE has been having trouble with people selling mass quantities of their dolls on eBay; that is the reason for this announcement. Some of the AE listings on eBay have been misleading. I would like to clarify that 1/3 Yara (Sr) is not a limited edition doll!
      AE is not concerned with individuals selling dolls from their personal collections on eBay or here on DoA. Their only concern is with people selling large amounts of their dolls, to the point that they may appear to be dealers.
    2. But isn't Yara a limited though? They did discontinue making her so those that are out there are limited. Maybe she was not classified as such, but I think once the doll is discontinued, it makes it a limited.
    3. Rynn007: She said yara 1/3, so the larger, newer version, not the msd sized one that was discontinued, i think.
    4. The 1/4 mini Yara was discontinued for the Chinese market; she has not been discontinued for the North American market. The 1/3 large Yara was just recently released. She has not been discontinued, and she is not limited.
    5. Asleep Eidolon would like to make everyone aware that their dolls are being copied. :(

      TaoBao link to one of the copied doll listings:

      This company/seller is advertising that they sell copied AEdolls. Since there is no way for Asleep Eidolon to know who is buying these dolls, they ask that all people interested in their dolls to please purchase directly from dealers, or when buying 2nd hand do so from a member of the BJD community.

      Thank you!
    6. I hope Asleep Eidolon has contacted eBay about this. Since they're the original manufacturer, they can make a VERO claim and have the auctions taken down. At least you can do that on the U.S. site.
    7. I'm not surpriced at all, I've actually been waiting on this. Of several reasons I use ebay a lot, and have over a long period seen these doll(and other companies dolls) and thought they actually looked very strange. There has been several different sellers, and it's the same brands they sell with minor differences. Some of the dolls actually looks so strange that I thought it was freaky. I didn't remember them to look like that. When I compared pictures, the same doll didn't look like that at all. They are actually very pretty and good looking dolls with a higher level of "realism" in the features than the other dolls. But I have learned from experience to keep my mouth shut in here when I see something strange...

      It's good for AE and their authorized dealers that they go out with this. I'm disgusted by any kind of theft and theft and copying artwork has always been one thing that ticks a certain mechanism in me, because I have background in various creative genres myself.

      BTW, Lindsey, my friend has registered on your site, but the name and password doesn't work, even if she uses exactly the same that was listed in the confirmation email. Do you have a bug in the system? ;)

    8. Hmmm....no one has contacted us about having any trouble. Ask your friend to please email me at info@mintoncardinc.com with her username. We'll figure it out.
    9. This person must by buying dolls and re-selling them. AE has said that they are not providing their dolls to this person, and they have told dealers in China not to sell to anyone outside of Asia, so AE has no idea how this person in California is getting the dolls.
    10. Asleep Eidolon Fruit Sisters are being copied! AE sculptor Yunikiss, (邪 恶小黑猫), has publicly announced on the Chinese AE forum that people in China are posing as her to sell pirated versions of the 1/4 Fruit Sisters. Asleep Eidolon wants to kindly remind people to please purchase directly from the official dealers, (listed on post#1), or when buying 2nd hand to do so from a member of the BJD community. Thank you! :)