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An Open Letter to Volks, pleading for another LA Dolpa Party

Jun 29, 2010

    1. Dear Volks,

      I would like to take a moment and tell you how wonderful I think of your company, and how I wish you would have another Los Angeles Party.

      Back in October of 2006 I was invited to a dolls party by a friend. I had never heard of Volks, Ball-Jointed Dolls, or anything similar. As a middle-aged guy, the whole idea sounded strange, but when she sent me a link to your website I was intrigued. I agreed to go as her guest.

      The Halloween party was fantastic! I was floored by the caring Volks staff and all the beautiful dolls. One doll in particular called out to me, and I put in for lottery. When my name was drawn I nearly cried as I went up to collect Red; I already had her name in mind.

      She is an amazing doll, and you are an amazing company. I've been to the LA Dolpa, and just got back from the NY Dolpa. Both events were great!

      I am pleading to you to hold another LA Dolpa. For if these events don't occur then people like me will never discover the wonders of Volks' Dolls.

      Thank you very much.

      --Bruce da Bold
    2. I would ADORE an LA Dolpa! While I had heard of Volks and dollfies at the time of the LA mansion parties I never had the money to go so I missed out all these awesome events with TONS of One Offs! (not just just a handful) Now that Volks really has a footing in America it is still very frustrating that there is only one true Dolpa in the US and that it's on the East Coast which is far to expensive for me to travel too.

      I missed the one and only LA Dolpa thinking "I can go next year" only to be disappointed by the fact that there was no next year, or a year after that, or a year after that.

      I know a lot of fans go to Dolpas in Japan but again, the expense, at least for me, for now, is prohibitive. But I would love to go to at least one Dolpa in my lifetime! Hopefully I can go to many, but LA would be a good start!
    3. Even though I live on the East coast of the US, I would also love to have the chance to attend an LA Dolpa. ^_^ Ever since I got my first Volks BJD a little over 2 years ago, I've fallen in love with Volks and their beautiful dolls.

      Here's hoping,
    4. As I already posted in the Volks Dolpa thread. I would love Volks to bring back their LA Dolpa.
    5. Thanks, Che, Kristi, and Tuskidoll! I have sent an email to Volks... Hopefully they will listen to our pleas for another West Coast Dolpa!
    6. I SO would LOVE to attend another wonderfully fun Dolpa in Los Angeles again!!
    7. I would LOVE a Volks LA Dolpa. I don't think I'll ever make it to a NY or Japan Dolpa.. And I wasn't in the hobby in 06. :( Gosh, I hope they bring another one to our coast!
    8. Ginarolo- That is just awesome! Thanks!!
    9. Considering all the dolls that were stolen, I'm surprised they're still having Dolpas in the US at all...@_@
    10. Accidents happen. They are a big company with insurance- there is no reason for them to hold that against us! Besides, my guess is the money that they make off us can off set the loss of a few dolls. Yes it's an unfortunate incident but things like that happen all the time. It's not really a big deal.
    11. >__> I would like an East Coast Dolpa myself... <__< I couldn't afford to get all the way out to L.A., even though I'd love to go...
    12. I'd love another LA Dolpa! You should start a petition. I'd sign it! :chocoberry
    13. Um. There just was an East Coast Dolpa, in NYC. :sweat June 19-20.

      I really enjoyed the 2005 and 2006 LA Dolpa events, and would definitely love to attend another one in the future. I dearly hope Volks does decide to do another one (or more)! The NYC Dolpas aren't really something I can manage to attend, and the Japan ones are obviously even less possible, but something here on the West Coast, I can do fairly easily. :aheartbea

      However, I also know Volks hasn't really responded positively to "petition" approaches in the past, so that might not be a very good idea. If people wanted to write individual letters to the company, that's their own choice, but an organized petition might seem offensive to Volks (just based off of their past reactions to similar attempts).
    14. That story made me go "Aww"
      I agree, more Dolpas would be awesome! I'd love to attend one oneday~
    15. @ Kiyokatari Yea, exactly. :XD: I couldn't go to that one. :XD:
    16. Maybe I am a little sensitive, but I find the petition idea a little...rude. They do ALOT for us. They have events on each end of the country, and many people are able to go. We are not all wealthy, and that is understandable, but I have seen people that *really* wanted to go, didnt have the means, but somehow made it happen. Not saying that just because they did, you should be able to.... I am trying to say eveyone should at least try and understand.. they all ready do too much for us. And while a Dolpa where EVERYONE could attend would be awesome, it is impossible. No matter where a Dolpa is held, some people will be disappointed that they couldnt attend.
      Petitions are usually associated with something negative, and like a few already said, Volks doesnt respond to them well, it's almost like telling them straight up- 'We all think you are not doing a good enough job'.
      We all have to remember our cultures are different, and while I know this petition is %100 positive and innocent, they may get a different vibe from it!
      So, be patient! Good things come to those who wait. ;)
    17. I agree with this -- better we should send anniversary cards, as ginarolo said, and in those very politely mention how lovely it would be to have an LA event to mark the occasion.

      For me, Volks' US anniversary is also my BJD collecting anniversary -- 5 years of resin madness, that started with them. ;)
    18. OK... then let this be a 'Send Volks A Happy Anniversary Thread'--and maybe also express the hope they will host a West Coast Dolpa while you're doing it! :D

      Or maybe-- Hey, this isn't a Petition Thread... this is a We Love Volks and Wish We Had a Dolpa on the West Coast Thread??? ;)

      At any rate, send those very polite happy wishes individually to Volks, people. And yes, I would love to see a Dolpa out here, too. I was lucky enough to attend three of the events Volks held in SoCal and they were all fantastic!

      Of course, we are lucky to have the Volks Store over here... so I guess Volks may figure they have enough of a presence on this Coast already???