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And again, new images at eluts!

May 21, 2005

    1. It is somekind compulsive, I guess ^^' they changed CHIWOO pics again! They are great! Go on, take a loooook! Also they have new clothes and I love them *___* one that lishe is modeling is just WOW!
    2. Oh, sorry, I was so excited with the new pics that I didn't even think about it! Thanks for being so gentle and posting it for me! *bows*
    3. I knoooow! Isn't that "Belladonna outfit" just amazing! I had to get one!
      LUTs is rocking my world! *_*
    4. Wow! :o I love Chiwoo's new look. Such a pretty boy....
    5. Wow, that outfit is awesome. I'm really glad it isn't my girl's style or else I'd really want it and I can't spend the money right now. But wow, it's really wonderful. Post lots of pictures once you get it.
    6. Aah....I'm looking at the pics of the EL special. I want - I need a White-skin EL! :cry:

      Do you think he'll come back on Stock?
    7. He's not limited so he'll be back in stock eventually :daisy The question is when...!