Angel Egg Resin Dolls by Marmite Sue

May 30, 2012

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    1. i really like the lace body. these dolls are beautiful... too bad there are no funds in my bank account for them. :(
    2. I love the lace body so much. It just looks so pretty.
    3. I agree! The lace body is gorgeous! Ah, I wish I had the spare cash...I would snatch up Noi in a heartbeat!
    4. These are just beautiful... sadly I'm not in a situation to order any more dolls at the moment :'(
    5. I love love love the body, but the faces -- while quirky and pretty -- isn't what I like. :< Still eager to see everyone's photos, though~
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    6. Hmm the concept is interesting but I'm not quite sure how well...Managable the lace top would be. I don't have any of these dolls so I don't know...Might be wrong but the lace top may make restringing/cleaning rather difficult because of the ribbons. Plus body blushing or any mods...I'm just saying. I may change my tune when I see owner pics..
    7. I am also loving the lace body! I loove Nois face! All the faces reminds me of Dollzones faces... But those high heel feet are genious! owo I hope for many more preorders on every doll in the future! I am getting one for sure! .. Just not right now x'D
    8. I love this size, and their high heeled feet. I could have 10 of these dolls.
    9. I love everything about her dolls ^^
    10. Very interesting dolls, I love the bodies but I am not sure about the faces...
      However, thanks a lot for sharing this lin :)
    11. Loving the lace body as well! So refreshingly different!

      Too bad the preorder has already passed, but I didn't have the funds available anyways :sweat
    12. They're gorgeous, I would love to have one, but the preorder was closed 5 days ago T__T! I wrote the artist, maybe I can have the chance to have one.
      DO you know if she has any preorder plan for the future?
    13. Let us know what she says...if she's open for more orders, I may be able to scrap together some $$
    14. I would love to own one. I wish I knew about it before the preorder ended.
    15. Oh WOW, this doll is incredible! :D I can't wait to see owner pictures!
    16. Pretty, delicate girls! I'd love for one myself! I would imagine there will be more preorders in the future. That lace body and those heeled feet are great touches.
    17. wow...these dolls are Amazing! The lace body is so romantic! I hope there will be more preorders soon!
    18. I emailed the artist too :) Hopefully we'll all hear something soon on when the next pre-order will happen. This is exciting, she is incredible!

      I wonder why she didn't post her on DoA sooner ;_; I feel like I missed out on something unique and incredible. Huh, first sign of a shopaholic? >.<
    19. I wonder what that first option is, the spring joint thing? ...
      Please let us know what you hear from the artist Anneke X3