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ANGEL FANTASY Baby Dolls Discussion

Jan 19, 2007

    1. ANGEL FANTASY New cute baby doll

      ARI (girl)


      Ebay Link:


      FARO (boy)


      Ebay Link:

      available now!!

      baby boy will come this week!! >W<

      LaiDoll is the only official agent of ANGEL FANTASY in Western countries.


      Due to the earthquake in Taiwan (again),
      the cable between China and United States was affected.
      Maybe A lot of foreign customers could not land our website.
      We are sorry about this.
    2. If you have any question, please let me know. >W<
    3. How much is she going to be? I think she is very cute~!
    4. OOO... I wander how much she is going to be. I want to find a reasonably priced tiny to give a friend of mine for her birthday. Was thinking about getting her a cherish doll but she is really cute too >.<
    5. Ooh. I look forward to seeing what her price is, as she is VERY cute. I like her little pout, and her proportions...
    6. Oh my, what a little cutie! Her pout is adorable! Dammit that I need to save up for my Moon's body...well maybe after that ;)
    7. Im doomed ;(

    8. Hello my dear friend.
      It's the same doll as we are selling.
      But the outfit and the make up will not the same between Kon'D and Laidoll.
      Kon'D preside over the Asian country.

      And we had made the promises with AF we won't promulgate any new about the doll of AF in DOA because of LAIDOLL.

      If there's any outfit or wigs you want ,feel free to ask me
      Thanks a lot!:aheartbea
    9. I love this little one
      but the site takes AGES for me to open !
      cant wait to see the price
    10. Yeah. I finally got Laidoll to load and saw more pictures... She's SO cute. I really can't wait to get a price for her.
    11. I am interested in the Lily from Angel fantasy, do you sell those on Ebay or just on the Laidoll webpage.
    12. There are some color pictures of her on kondoll.com (i know the faceups will be different but its nice to see more pictures~!)
    13. They have the price up now. $200 for the doll, carrying bag, random wig, eyes, and outfit in picture. No faceup (additonal $55 if you want it)
    14. Also looks like a boy will be released soon as well as optional parts :D
    15. they're like bambicrony-siced?
    16. Oh yay for optional parts !
      I love to buy my tinys that way :aheartbea
      and a little boy ...Oh I love ,my tiny boys

      they are smaller sweetie , more Cherishdoll size
      but I bet they would look lovely alongside Bambicronie :aheartbea
    17. I think I am going to have to buy one :lol:
    18. Ari is so adorable! I bought a Lily from Laidoll last summer and I really like her cute smile and the quality of the doll. I think Ari looks to be a great deal and I'm seriously tempted to buy one to be the little sister of my Soony. :D Her pout is really sweet. If I got her she would be my first tiny sized doll. Now I just need to save up and see if she still tugs at my heartstrings the way she is right now. :)
    19. I've pretty much decided now that Ari is going to be my first tiny unless somehow they boy just kills me when he is released :lol: