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Angel Fantasy? Lai Doll?

Mar 17, 2007

    1. Hi, i am thinking about getting my first BJD.
      One i am really interested in is on Laidoll.com (im not familiar with them)
      this is the doll im interested in: http://www.laidoll.com/views.asp?hw_id=121
      he's a 46 cm Angel Fantasy Yin.
      Does anyone know anything about this seller or Angel Fantasy?
      How is the quality?
      Does anyone have pictures of this doll?
    2. I don't have any experience with AF or Yin, but I have bought from LaiDoll.

      Pretty much - they're a hit or miss. Some people say their service is excellent and that their dolls shipped fast and efficiently. However, I ordered my doll in December, was promised that even with any breaks it would ship by the end of January numerous times - and then it showed up the third week in February, after I had to find someone who spoke Mandarin who could place a phone call to China to figure out what was going on, as LaiDoll did not answer any of my e-mails or Q & A Board posts about where my doll was after it was a few weeks late. Another member on the board ordered four days before I placed my order - and didn't receive her's until the end of the first/beginning of the second week of March I believe, which almost doubled her expected wait time. She also could not get in contact with them, and was left wondering for a very long time what had happened with her boy.

      Currently, LaiDoll is the only place I know of that sells Yin, so if you're set on him you probably won't have a choice, but just be aware of what you might be getting into.
    3. I ordered a Yin (about a week before all the problem threads with Laidoll came up, I felt a bit sad about that). I ordered him on Feb. 3rd and because of issues with me not being able to get my mail for a bit in April, I really, really needed to know when he was going to ship.

      I emailed probably four times, all very polite and requesting to know what was going on because I didn't want my $300 doll lost in the mail.

      It took my friend emailing them in Mandarin and threatening to file a paypal claim to get any reply whatsoever. I was told on Friday that my doll would ship "next week". So he may or may not get here before I have no access to the postal service.

      Because my doll isn't here I can't testify to quality but I've heard very good things about Lily who is by the same company.

      However, Ren13 is right. Proceed with caution and don't get your hopes up for having your doll any time in the near future. I ordered a doll from there in September and he was on my doorstep in 15 days no problems. This time around, however (and I'm sure a lot of other people have experienced this lately), there was no contact and sadly only threats to file claims got even an update. Like she said, there's no other way to get him that I'm aware of but know from the beginning that there are issues. I don't think they're intentionally doing this to people, I've been told their English translator was ill and in the hospital, but it is a pain to pay that much money then have absolutely no word from them for weeks.

      I'll post pictures when I get my Yin. At very latest he should ship March 30th. Doesn't help you much now though. :) Sorry.
    4. I think I'm ordering my Yin this weekend...I decided not to get him with a face-up, and just do it myself (I already my MSC just need brush cleaner and gloss). So, excited! He'll be my first doll!
    5. I'm planning on ordering an AF Lily with Yanagi when she orders her Yin.

      Everyone said that Laidoll hasn't been responding to e-mails quickly, but I got a response to my questions about shipping and faceups in less than a week.

      I hope that everyone who has been having problems with them gets their dolls quickly! <3 They sell such beautiful dolls (AF and Dollzone. xD)
    6. you can buy it also in Ebay, but the seller is one of the sellers of laidoll.
      I&#180;m from Spain and i bough a Lily on 12th december and i had no problem and they answered me quickly (when i paid it^^U) and i receive it on dec 30th.
      but i know a girl who bough a Yin (i think) two months ago, and she will receive it this week...
      i think they are having problems since the earthquake on January......
    7. Aww, it's sad to hear about their earthquake, as well as their English translator being in the hospital.

      I *could* buy my Lily through Laidoll, but there isn't a Yin available there and Yanagi and I are ordering our dolls together to save on shipping.

      I'm glad you got your Lily! ^_^
    8. I think Laidoll is run or is represented by the notorious Change8023. I just had a transaction with this person that was very much less than ideal. You might find this thread helpful:

      I'd love to get an AF tiny, but I'd never again order from this person. :-(
    9. angel fantasy has amazing quality. my Lilly was half the price of the more expensive models yet was better made...she is seamless above all else and stood right out of the box.

      Laidoll was very prompt in my order...and contacted me right away with problems. They also use PayPal which is nice too.
    10. Don't know if it helps, but... I have a Sleeping Huo/Dollzone hybrid?

      There are pictures here (Not great ones, but not too bad)

      Plus I have a tonne of pictures Here, on LJ

      I can't speak for the quality of the body, but their heads are really great ^_^ The resin is nice, and I find their features to be quite charming ^_^ My dealings with Laidoll in the past have been good, if awkward due to communication problems. Shipping takes time though. He was a december surprise, and he arrived before christmas.
    11. i didn&#180;t know about change8023 was like this, she wrote me quickly emails and i never had any trouble with them....

      i was thinking to buy my next doll (a dollzone boy) in laidoll, but i&#180;m seeing their are not so seriously people and that scares me....